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A letter to Mom

Dear Ama,

       I’m always hoping that you are doing well and your health is better hai. I know I hardly call you but there are no single day where I may not have missed you honestly and I’m really sorry for that hai but you don’t forget to call me so, I’m always happy for that. I know you can’t read this message and it may remain as a mystery for some time but I‘ll make sure to convey you my this message one fine day hai, sooner or later and to say about me, I'm doing good here so, no worries hai.  

People have remarked this day as a mothers’ day, but for me every day is a mothers’ day as I feel that a single day is never enough to show our gratitude and thank our mothers for their love and care towards their child.

I know I have gone through lots of hard times, moments, situations and struggle due some chaos in our family when I was young but I take it all positively as a life lesson and, that things actually gave me more confident to face this crazy world, but comparing to your immense hardships and immense struggle to reach me up to this point of my life, mine seems nothing at all.

Seeing you getting sick and going through lots of pains scares me every moment as I even can’t imagine my life without you and seeing you getting older every moments makes me realize your all the hardships that you have gone through for us and reminds me of own responsibilities that I have to carry soon.

I know there are some mothers too who doesn’t care about their children and that’s a different thing but in general mothers are the best thing that the god have ever created. Their love, their care, their affection towards their child is completely beyond explanation.

People says, even if you carry your mother at your own back and make seven round of this whole world, your mother’s debt on you can never be paid back and I feel that’s absolutely true as mothers love and care and her deeds towards the child or the children is a thing beyond measurement. 

When a child gets hurt due to some reasons, more than that child, the mother gets pain which directly reach to their heart and I myself wonder sometime that, what can be the actual science between these things. And I truly feel that, no science can truly explain this exceptional phenomenon and can be simply named as love and affection. And it’s really amazing to see that even the animals feels the same affection towards their baby’s and there is nothing to be wondered as ‘mothers are the mothers’. It’s like the child is simply DNA extension of a mother and they are internally connected beyond the sight of any microscope and living a same soul.

With this, HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY 2017 to all the lovely mothers in this whole universe and let your all beautiful wishes and dreams come true, especially to my Ama! Thank You so much for everything that you have given to me, love you, stay safe and take care always. See you.    

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Happy Teachers' Day 2017

Though the World Teachers' Day, also known as International Teachers Day, is celebrated annually on 5th October since 1994 to commemorates teacher organizations worldwide, in Bhutan the day is celebrated on 2nd of May commemorating the birth anniversary of The Third King Jigme Dorji Wangchuck, the father of modern Education in Bhutan.

To mark this special day, The day is celebrated as the Teachers' Day all over the Bhutan.

We the JNEC family also celebrated the day grandly as we celebrate every year.

      Album Happy Teachers' Day, JNEC 2017

And thank you for everything... 

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The album floral petals

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“ Live to Love ”

Love is such a wonderful way to interact with others.
True and genuine love is about sharing and about giving.
A person who is genuinely filled with the happiness and
joy of living is one who has loving and sharing mind.

                                                    -          H.H. The Twelfth                                                            Gyalwang Drukpa

With this, I would like to share about the great event that was held in Jigme Namgyel Engineering college on 31st and 1st of August, that is the 2nd visit of His Eminence the ninth Gyalwa Dokhampa popularly known as the Kyabje Khamtrul Rinpoche. Rinpoche is one of the most approachable contemporary spiritual master of the Drukpa Lineage. It was our really blessing and honored moment to receive the Rinpoche in our college and his teachings on Bardo (the intermediate state).

During the event, Rinpoche shared about Bardo which is the intermediate state of three half days to seven days. When we die and our soul leaves our body but our soul doesn’t know that we are actually dead. Dying is just a simple process of you, breathing out and you are not in a position to breath in and that is the end of external breathing but our internal breathing is still in the process and alive for a certain period of time.

Rinpoche stated the simple example of Bardo, saying that Bardo is just like a short period of time that a computer system takes to actually shutdown after the light on screen goes off. In that crucial period of three and half days our soul is like in the state of lost. Our soul still believes that we are alive and more the good deeds we have done when we were alive the more earliest our soul realizes that we are actually dead search the way to go out the human world and vice-versa.

When we are in Bardo, we tend to see various signs and symbols according to our deeds leading us to different stage of Khorwa (the cycle of life under Buddhism teachings).

Rinpoche stated that dying is not as easy as it seems, it is a very painful process and just like you losing your everything when you are alive, your name, fame, post, wealth, your family and even to the extent of losing your own cloth that you are wearing and left with nothing with you at all.

jnec family with Rinpoche

Rinpoche shared about the offerings which should be offered not what the gods love but what you love the most and which should be offered from within your heart. Rinpoche was also highlighting on being vegetarian and saving lives of thousands of animals who don’t have the power of speech to speak out their pain like the human being but goes through enormous pain every mornings and days.

During the evening hours, Rinpoche showed us the Bhutan Pad-Yatra Documentary which is a religious trip to various monasteries and holly places to not only in Bhutan but also from different parts of the world with his teachings involving the participants and his followers from all over the world.

It was a very lucky and precious moment for all the JNEC family and people in Dewathang to receive teachings and Wang (blessing) from His Eminence Gyalwa Dokhampa.

Though we couldn’t offer much to the Rinpoche as compared to what he gave to us but as a gesture of thanking, we the JNEC family presented our cultural programme on the night of 1st of August and at the evening we departed the Rinpoche happily with the hope to see him soon with the same smile JJ on face again wishing him a safe journey.

To know more about His Eminence and his teachings please log on to the following sites:

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