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"The Day of My Dirty Tego"

It was fine and beautiful Monday morning. I curled under the blanket; I languidly looked around the room. My cupboard was open and I could see all the dishevelled clothes, at the bottom my shoes, on the top of one other like a pyramid.

My roommate had neatly folded his blankets and left early. I had no first period so I’d slept a little longer. I got up and washed. The hostel was silent except for few echoes from the floors above. As it was the first day of a week, I looked for a clean gho, there was none. ‘God! I don’t have a single clean gho?’ I took one, which was better than the rest. With tego and stocking, it was the same story. ‘How could I forget to wash them?’

The previous day, supposedly laundry day, I’d gone for a picnic. ‘If only I’d washed them little by little.’ But that’s what the Centre of life is (I’if’e).’

With this frustration, I went to a friend’s room and, as luck would have it, the door was locked. There was no one else I could ask help from. So dressing ‘dirtily’ I went to class. On reaching there, I directly went to my seat. My classmates walked in with clean clothes, they were literally glowing with wide ‘happydent’ smiles. How I despised my- self then. And as for my seat mate, I was simply no match for him.

After a while, the lecture started and, in the middle of it, my friend noticed my black stained tego. “wai, what’s that on your tego? Seems like you haven’t washed it, mena? How do you ever feel comfortable with a dirty tego? Khai!

 “No wai…”  I replied, trying to mask my irritation with smile. Within, I cringed at his remark. But that was not the end. The bell rang for an interval. We were all out in the sun engrossed in some guy talk. I’d completely forgotten about my soiled state. While we were so engaged, a girl, whom I dearly loved, passed us by.

Now, it was not just me who followed in her footsteps but one of my friends, an opportunist, too. Finding the moment appropriate to embarrass me, he loudly said, “Hey sonam didn’t you wash your tego? It’s got damn dirty. Moreover, it’s Monday wai!

Hearing this, she turned, as everyone was staring at me and more at my tego, she just smiled and left. I turned from ‘black to red’ as I felt the chance of approaching her slip from my hands. Back in class, I couldn’t take the incident out my mind, I’d become a laughing stock. That was the most embarrassing moment of my life. On reaching the hostel, the first thing I did was wash my tego.

However, a part of me was glad, because I got to steal her attention and her smile too (whatever the reason she smiled!). I can still remember that smile and, thinking it over; it gladdens my heart and sends butterflies to my stomach. Latter, that incident did help when I got introduced to her. We became good friends. And what I felt and am feeling still remains with me.

She still remembers that day and teases me, saying ‘dirty boy’ and I just enjoy the euphoria. Therefore, if dirt can do good, then I think it’s not such a bad idea to get dirty sometimes, mena?

Note: This is a very short and simple story written by ‘Sonam Wangdi’ which I found is very interesting. So, I thought of sharing to all the readers through my blog. I found this short story in one of the newspapers in 2010 but I think there are many readers who couldn’t go through this story. Ever since I went through this story, I thought of sharing to my friends but I couldn’t, so I am sharing today…!

                                                         D.K Thulung Rai

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Nomination for Captainship...

Nominated from 11 sci (boys)
Today in our school (Bajothanghss), we around 22 students from 11th standard were nominated for the captainship school captains, house captain and etc.. for the next year 2014. This system is introduced for the first time in our school where captains for the coming year are elected in advance. This system is initiated and coordinated by the Democracy club. Madam Sangay Lhaden democracy club master was clicking and taking our half photos so that the students can vote for us looking at our pictures. The rule is whoever gets the highest votes from the students will be firstly elected as the school captains one for boys and one for girls and house captains will be elected as per the votes range.
Nominated from 11 sci (girls)
And one very fascinating thing was that, madam was telling us that we have to give speech in the assembly to ask votes from the students. It’s like the election where the candidates have to share their manifestos and agendas to the public, so that the public will elect them as per their promises and capabilities. But I am just wondering that what and how we should be telling in the assembly, so that the students will vote for us as it is happening for the first time in our school. I am sure that everyone will be wondering at the first sight but it is part of democracy, so I think we should be taking this opportunity very seriously. As it is like our entrance to the world of democracy. It will be very helpful in our long term future to be a part of democracy. But I am sure that there will be some corruption during the voting session because most of the students are unknown to us and I am sure that they will try to vote for the one who is their friends and are known to them and they will be looking for a beautiful and handsome captain because this is the human psychology and we can’t avoid these characters very easily.

To be true, I am always against the democracy in terms of election because no matter how much we try to stop corruption, but there will be corruption whether in a small scale or large, where people will be trying to vote for their friends, relatives, who are known to them and the last option is by looks, very few people actually cast their vote by judging the capabilities and strength of the candidates. And I am afraid that I may be the victim this time but I am hoping that this time no such things will be happening, because if they happen to elect a weak captain, they will be suffering at the last moment. When I am saying  that, I am not telling that I am capable, there are many who are more capable than me but I am just hoping that students will be electing the most capable and deserved one not the most handsome or beautiful one…..

                                                             D.K Thulung Rai

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My award for Volunteering...

This is in-continuation with my last post about the Tour of the Dragon (cycle race) that was held on 7th of September 2013. On the day before that our sir Mr. Ugyen Tshering was searching for around 20 volunteer students to cheer up the riders on their way. He came to our class and talk about that and I was very excited about that and without thinking anything, my friend Kinley Penjor and I volunteered for that, forgetting about the classes that we will be missing and weather condition on that day. To be true I didn't expect anything from BOC for this volunteer work, I just wanted to volunteer to appreciate the riders who are able to complete 268 km in a single day which I cannot imagine of doing at all, by simply cheering up for their efforts and strength. And this tour was world’s tough fest one day mountain ride. When we volunteer for something we should not expect something in return, if you expect something than that’s not a volunteer.

 If you volunteer with your full heart, you will be rewarded in one way or another, one day. When we do something good, we have to appreciate our self-first and feel proud of our-self. To be true I really appreciate myself when I do something good and that make me feel proud. I was very happy when sir called us to give this certificate with the signature of the chief of BOC Dasho Jigyel and I really felt proud to be a part of Dragon Riders and BOC. So keep on volunteering and be proud of yourself always. And one day you will be rewarded directly or indirectly.

                                                                D.K Thulung Rai
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Ambassadors of MOE visited BHSS

Two ambassadors from the Ministry of Education had visited our school (BajothangHSS) to meet the senior most students (xi & xii) and to give us the knowledge about the higher studies and scholarships that is being provided by the MOE of Bhutan annually to the Xii pass out students. They were from the DAHE (Department of Adult and Higher Education).MOE is giving the scholarships in both Ex-country and in country. For ex-country they are mostly sending to India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and very few to USA, Cuba, Korea, Malaysia and Thailand. And in country they are also giving scholarships in RTC and etc. They were also highlighting on the scholarship criteria and required marks and personal documents to be an eligible candidates.
They have also initiated online scholarships system meaning that we can summit our marks, documents and portfolio with the help of online service and we don’t have visit Thimphu just to summit these documents.  They were also advising us to get in a quality and renounced Universities if we happen to join the colleges and Universities by self-funding to get a quality degree certificates so that we will get the good jobs in Bhutan because especially in India there are many fake Universities and they are not supported by any agencies and government. So we have to very careful while selecting the colleges and Universities. They are also allowing the students to go for college by self-funding. Information:- around Nu 70,000 for CST and for RTC its around Nu 1,60000 annually. So better study hard and go for free scholarships.

On the same day we had a presentation and skits in MPH by the Disaster club coordinated by the club master sir Uguen Dorji. It was very informative and it is very important in our day to day live because our school is situated near to very Mass River which can turn into killing machine at any time and even when we are at our home, we always have to be aware of all kinds of disaster. So for that reason we all the students and teachers have to be always prepared for all kinds of disaster that may happen at any time. With all the efforts made by the club master and club members and supported by all the students and the teachers, the programme was a very successful one. 

                                                                   D.K Thulung Rai

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Wangdue Tshechu 2013


Today, after a long time I went to visit the Wangdue Tshechu. I thought there would be only few peoples in the ground as compared to that of in the dzong but when I reached there, I could see many peoples in the ground but all were playing mela and people were all busy in their own business. I could see only few peoples actually watching the Tshechu and they were all grandfathers and grandmothers and very few younger ones. Few years back when Wangdue Tshechu used to be celebrated in the dzong, all the peoples especially girls used to do make starting from their head to toe with all the expensive ornaments and dresses on their body but unfortunately we lost our Wangdue dzong few years back and it is yet to be reconstructed. so, that is why Wangdue Tshechu is celebrated in the military ground and I could feel that there is no charm like there used to be in the dzong. I think we have to celebrate the Wangdue Tshechu in the ground for few years more again till the dzong is fully reconstructed .Peoples were all in their simple dresses without any ornaments on their neck and expensive kiras and ghos.  I felt that all the mask dances were well performed with all their efforts and I hope that all the peoples will be blessed by the Tshechu mask dances. I really enjoyed watching the mask dances with their different types of mask and costume especially the Aachara with his most funny Bap.

To talk little bit about the mela programme in the ground, there were everything, games, fast food shops, cloth shops, restaurants, toy shops and etc…and people were really enjoying the games and foods. One man got over dose by the alcohol and he was lying in front of one of the restaurant, very embarrassing yes..?! Rest everything was fun and my friends, JP, KP and I also really enjoyed the foods and games. And after few hours my legs started to pain and we decided to move back to our home…

                                                                D.K Thulung Rai

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Moments with Dragon Riders

  It was a very beautiful morning when we all the volunteer students and the teachers reached at the Wangdue Bridge eagerly waiting to receive the dragon riders. We reached at the bridge at 7:30 AM and we received the first rider at around 10:00AM. We all were very excited and we cheer up for all the riders. We received the HM Dasho Jigel at around 2:00 PM and he was looking so cool riding the bicycle. After that we stayed there for around half an hour and disperse for our home sweet home. We really enjoyed the day with teachers and other friends. And the Tour of the Dragon Riders was a successful programme.


                                                                                        D.K Thulung Rai                                                                                      

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Tour of the Dragon Rider "Cycle Race"

Bhutan Olympic committee is conducting the Tour of the Dragon (Cycle Race) on 7th of September 2013 which starts from Bumthang on around 12 AM and finishes in Thimphu (clock tower). And it’s a one day race.  Around 9 foreign or international cyclists are also participating in this race among which one is a woman from Canada and her name is Sandra Walter. Today the secretary of BOC visited our school (Bajothanghss) to meet the students and teachers who are volunteering to help and encourage the Cyclist during the race and I am one of them. As the secretary mentioned that many of the cyclists give up on the way from wangdue to Dochula because it is very hard for them to climb up the Dochula pass, so we are around 30 volunteers among which 20 are students and 10 are teachers to encourage the cyclist by simply cheering up so that they can regain their energy and complete the race.

Many of the students and the teachers from different schools on the way to Bumthang till Thimphu are volunteering to cheer up and control the traffic transaction during the race. The secretary was so pleased with all the volunteers and he was thanking all of us in advance for our contribution in conducting such race. He and HM Dasho Jigyel are visiting every school to thank all the volunteers who are helping them during the race. He told that BOC is trying their best to improve the sports infrastructure in Bhutan by training the talented sports children for the national level and even for the international level. They are trying to give scholarships within the country so that they can have a good sports man in future who can compete in the international level. He said that they tend to lose many talented sports man who were students and who could not qualify after class 10 and 12 and their parents tends to send them abroad for the further studies after BOC had given training for many years. This is how they lose their trained sports man. And he said that there is no space (club and Organization) between the school level and national level sports where the talented sports children can be trained from school level for the national level. The secretary was telling us that within 5-10 years from now, the BOC will be able to provide such platform and job opportunities in the field of sports but for that they need help from every parents to encourage their children to participate in sports and children to participate in every sports.

                                                                             D.K Thulung Rai 
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BajothangHSS Annual Rimdo And Intra-House Cultural Show Competition.

On 31st of August annual school Rimdo (Puja or ritual) and intra-house cultural show competition were conducted on the same day in Bajothanghss, so that the less number of classes are being missed in conducting such programmes in the school. Even though these programmes were very important but academic is always above all. Rimdow was conducted inside the multi-purpose hall and the cultural show was conducted in the lawn beside the administrative blog which is normally used for conducting such programmes.
Our chief guest was head of the Wangduephodrang Shedra (monastery) in both the programmes. Annual school rimdo was conducted in the school for the welfare and prosperity of the school and all the Bajothanghss family. We, all the students and teachers were asked to attain the rimdo ceremony inside the MPH where we had a tough time accommodating around 7oo plus students and around 40+ staffs. Inside the hall the temperature was so high that we could hardly bear the heat and even some of the madams were suffering a lot due to heat and congested area but we managed to stay inside the hall for around three and half hours as it was for our own welfare. But we really enjoyed throwing duna (mixture of all type of grains) over statue of duem (witch) and shouting so that the duem will ran away from our school and from the soul every individuals.
Instead of throwing duna over duem, students were enjoying throwing more to each other to have fun, which I guess was not supposed to do. But anyway the rimdow was a successful due to the worthy efforts of all the teachers and worthy captains and also the cooperation given by all the individual students.

Coming back to the intra-house cultural show competition, we have eight houses in the school and each house was supposed to prepare three items that were zhungdra, boedra and the rigsar. Many of the houses had tough time while preparing zhungdra because many of the students don’t wants to participate in the zhungdra as they only love to participate in the modern dance form which is rigsar. But at the end all the items were well performed in front of the worthy judges and they all were enjoying the show and we students too. And we really had a fun.


Second Unit Test Knocking at the Door “ting tong”.

In our school, second unit test is going to start from 2th of September and it has really approached to our door. This unit test is conducted twice a year, once before the mid-term exam and once after the mid-term. This system was introduced in our school (Bajothanghss) around three years ago in order to check the student’s progress in terms of academic session and also to prepare for the exam. It has always been successful conducting such test with all the worthy efforts of our school academic head sir Tshewang Jamtsho (vice principal) and supports from all the teachers. Many students are not taking this unit test seriously, not realizing the efforts taken by all the teachers while making the question papers and expenditure spent in printing the hard copies for them.

To be true I am also not very much prepared for the test especially physics and math. These two subjects are really giving me kick these days. In physics after the mid-term was all derivations which we even had tough time coping from the green board to our note book because some derivation are too long which covers up to three pages of the long note book and I cannot imagine of writing that in the in the answer sheet. So I am really having tough time thinking of that, hope I can perform well in it.

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