Ambassadors of MOE visited BHSS

Two ambassadors from the Ministry of Education had visited our school (BajothangHSS) to meet the senior most students (xi & xii) and to give us the knowledge about the higher studies and scholarships that is being provided by the MOE of Bhutan annually to the Xii pass out students. They were from the DAHE (Department of Adult and Higher Education).MOE is giving the scholarships in both Ex-country and in country. For ex-country they are mostly sending to India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and very few to USA, Cuba, Korea, Malaysia and Thailand. And in country they are also giving scholarships in RTC and etc. They were also highlighting on the scholarship criteria and required marks and personal documents to be an eligible candidates.
They have also initiated online scholarships system meaning that we can summit our marks, documents and portfolio with the help of online service and we don’t have visit Thimphu just to summit these documents.  They were also advising us to get in a quality and renounced Universities if we happen to join the colleges and Universities by self-funding to get a quality degree certificates so that we will get the good jobs in Bhutan because especially in India there are many fake Universities and they are not supported by any agencies and government. So we have to very careful while selecting the colleges and Universities. They are also allowing the students to go for college by self-funding. Information:- around Nu 70,000 for CST and for RTC its around Nu 1,60000 annually. So better study hard and go for free scholarships.

On the same day we had a presentation and skits in MPH by the Disaster club coordinated by the club master sir Uguen Dorji. It was very informative and it is very important in our day to day live because our school is situated near to very Mass River which can turn into killing machine at any time and even when we are at our home, we always have to be aware of all kinds of disaster. So for that reason we all the students and teachers have to be always prepared for all kinds of disaster that may happen at any time. With all the efforts made by the club master and club members and supported by all the students and the teachers, the programme was a very successful one. 

                                                                   D.K Thulung Rai



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