Nomination for Captainship...

Nominated from 11 sci (boys)
Today in our school (Bajothanghss), we around 22 students from 11th standard were nominated for the captainship school captains, house captain and etc.. for the next year 2014. This system is introduced for the first time in our school where captains for the coming year are elected in advance. This system is initiated and coordinated by the Democracy club. Madam Sangay Lhaden democracy club master was clicking and taking our half photos so that the students can vote for us looking at our pictures. The rule is whoever gets the highest votes from the students will be firstly elected as the school captains one for boys and one for girls and house captains will be elected as per the votes range.
Nominated from 11 sci (girls)
And one very fascinating thing was that, madam was telling us that we have to give speech in the assembly to ask votes from the students. It’s like the election where the candidates have to share their manifestos and agendas to the public, so that the public will elect them as per their promises and capabilities. But I am just wondering that what and how we should be telling in the assembly, so that the students will vote for us as it is happening for the first time in our school. I am sure that everyone will be wondering at the first sight but it is part of democracy, so I think we should be taking this opportunity very seriously. As it is like our entrance to the world of democracy. It will be very helpful in our long term future to be a part of democracy. But I am sure that there will be some corruption during the voting session because most of the students are unknown to us and I am sure that they will try to vote for the one who is their friends and are known to them and they will be looking for a beautiful and handsome captain because this is the human psychology and we can’t avoid these characters very easily.

To be true, I am always against the democracy in terms of election because no matter how much we try to stop corruption, but there will be corruption whether in a small scale or large, where people will be trying to vote for their friends, relatives, who are known to them and the last option is by looks, very few people actually cast their vote by judging the capabilities and strength of the candidates. And I am afraid that I may be the victim this time but I am hoping that this time no such things will be happening, because if they happen to elect a weak captain, they will be suffering at the last moment. When I am saying  that, I am not telling that I am capable, there are many who are more capable than me but I am just hoping that students will be electing the most capable and deserved one not the most handsome or beautiful one…..

                                                             D.K Thulung Rai

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