Tuesday, 15 September 2015 0 comments

The unknown moment

That was a thing which had never happened with me before. I used to consider myself as a tough man with a strong heart to overcome everything silly emotions that comes into our daily life but I think I'm not strong as much as I think.

It was our second week at the jnp(polytechnic) and we were to attend a week long human value workshop which is conducted all over the RUB colleges in Bhutan. we, all the first year students were divided into six groups and I was in group one. Fortunately our group was lead by our director sir who is a really enthusiastic person.

First time when I heard about the workshop I thought that it will be like a briefing session but I wrong. On the first day, director sir started with his presentation and I was at the back still wondering, what is he actually trying say, but the days passed gradually and the session went better and better and on the last day I felt like the days have passed so quickly.

I don't remember whether it was 4th or 5th day, director sir was presenting and explaining us about being happy from the slides. we all were along with him but suddenly, I don't know what stroke into my mind. I started feeling quite heavy and went into deep thoughts though I was virtually listening to the director's speech but I was lost actually.

After few minutes when I realized myself, tears were striking my eyes. Then again I thought oh! What's wrong with me. I tried hard to prevent my tears rushing down through my eyes by taking long breath and looking up at the sciling without the notice from the nearest friends but after few minutes I couldn't hold myself so I quickly came out of the hall and rush to the washroom where I could quickly wash my face and refresh myself.

That sort of thing happened with me for the first in my entire life and I was wondering myself and again without anybody's notice I quietly went back to my seat and I'm still not sure what had happened to me on that day, may be I was missing my parents, may be I was worried about my future, may be I was feeling sorry or may be I was overloaded with the human values, I still don't know....
Sunday, 13 September 2015 5 comments

Was a Memorable day

It is always good to be out with our friends. Today, the 30th day of the Bhutanese calendar is considered as the auspicious day and few of my friends had made a plan to visit the beautiful Dewathang’s Shedra or we can call it as Zangtopelri (the heavenly land). I was invited to go with them and I was happy actually as I always wanted to visit that Shedra ever since.

The Shedra is really popular as it is founded and headed by His Eminance Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche. Unfortunately he was out of station today, but felt blessed to see his throne there. 


 Everything up there was extremely beautiful, the beautiful golden colored enormous Sherada, the statues, the sculptures, paintings, the way they welcome us and explain the hidden stories behind every sculptures and statues, scenarios, flowers, ponds, deer,  Rinpoche’s palace and everything there attracts the eyes of visitors. It really was a life time experience and opportunity to visit the place.

 It is one the best place that I have ever visited and I will be happy to visit it time and again. We all were really happy up there and excited to capture everything that comes along with us. It really was a heavenly land I should say. In short, we all had a great time up there….

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