Second Unit Test Knocking at the Door “ting tong”.

In our school, second unit test is going to start from 2th of September and it has really approached to our door. This unit test is conducted twice a year, once before the mid-term exam and once after the mid-term. This system was introduced in our school (Bajothanghss) around three years ago in order to check the student’s progress in terms of academic session and also to prepare for the exam. It has always been successful conducting such test with all the worthy efforts of our school academic head sir Tshewang Jamtsho (vice principal) and supports from all the teachers. Many students are not taking this unit test seriously, not realizing the efforts taken by all the teachers while making the question papers and expenditure spent in printing the hard copies for them.

To be true I am also not very much prepared for the test especially physics and math. These two subjects are really giving me kick these days. In physics after the mid-term was all derivations which we even had tough time coping from the green board to our note book because some derivation are too long which covers up to three pages of the long note book and I cannot imagine of writing that in the in the answer sheet. So I am really having tough time thinking of that, hope I can perform well in it.


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