New Thoughts


When we are in the class, we are students
When they are in the class, they are teachers.

When we are out in the market, we’re loitering
When they are out in the market, they are inspecting.

When we joke in the class, we are jokers
When they joke in the class, they have sense of humour.

When we don’t do homework on time, we are lazy
When they don’t do homework on time, they are busy.

When we write over their writing, it is overwriting
When they write over our writing, it is correction.

When we are outside the principal’s office, we are punished
When they are outside the principal’s office, they are waiting.

When we are found in group, we are gossiping
When they are found in group, they are discussing.

When we are found in library, we are bunking
When they are found in library, they are researching.

When we solve a problem, we are actively smart
When they solve a problem, they are intelligent.

When we look at our friends’ works, we are cheating
When they look at their friends’ work, they are editing.

When we dream in the class, we are day dreamers
When they dream in the class, they are philosophers.

So that’s the differences between a teacher and a student. I am especially publishing this poem in my blog for those students who think that they are better than teachers. In accordance to this poem I would like to share a short story about “The Tiger and a Cat”.
 Once upon a time there was a tiger and a cat. At that time tiger didn't

 know anything about hunting and techniques to hunt and to dominate the jungle so the small cat was the master of all the cat family. One day the tiger went to a cat and request to teach him all the techniques for hunting and to rule the jungle and in return he will follow the cat throughout his life as his master. So the cat trusts him and decided to teach all the hunting techniques to the tiger and started to teach. After few weeks the tiger became perfect in hunting, and the cat was very happy with the tiger but the ego of the tiger grew and the tiger thought that he want to be at the top of all, even greater than his master. So he decided to kill the cat and become the head of all the cat family and rule the whole jungle but the tiger couldn't kill the small cat because cat had taught every techniques to hunt to the tiger except how to climb on the tree, so the cat climb on the tree and the tiger couldn't kill the cat.

So the moral of the story is don’t think that you know everything and you can do everything as there is an ocean of things that you don’t know yet.

There are few students who thinks that they know everything even more than their teachers as they reaches the 11th and 12th standard and they tend to forget that the teachers are the one who taught them everything starting from the alphabet ABC… and the numbers 123…for me no matter how much we know but as a student we can’t compare that knowledge with that of the teachers’ wisdom because the title teacher which means a master leave us far behind as compared to them, at last we ARE the students which means the learners. So, we should never even try to overcome our masters otherwise we’ll never be successful in our life and that’s the fact.



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