Second visit by Singaporean students in BajothangHSS..

After a long break I feel like updating my blog again...actually in this few weeks nothing adventures happened in my life which I feel like to share in the blog. But yesterday was amazing day for me as well as all the students of Bajothang Higher Secondary School. Actually what happened was, a group of around 20 students of Raffles Institutes from Singapore had arrived in our school for the second time after 8 days of journey in and around Bhutan.Our school was 9th school visited by them.we had a very great day starting from the morning itself we had no classes for the whole day. morning three periods, we had a great conversation with two of the Singaporean friends, we shared about our cultures,our customs,famous festivals celebrated in their country and in our country and the education system there and here in our country. after three periods of conversation,towards the end of third period we had a photo session. After the interval we had games played among the students of our school and Singaporean students. They played 'khuru' and 'Daegor' with our councilors coordinated by our teachers Lopen Tshering Gyeltshen and Sir Ugyen Tshering where one of the Singaporean students nearly hit a group of our school girls by khuru. after that they showed us how to play rock-bee which was a very great experience for us,then we went for lunch for about 45 minutes. Back to the football field after a heavy lunch with our class friends. After that we had a football friendly match between our class (11 sci) and the Singaporean students was the final programme. And we happily disperse for our home.......!   


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