The day of disaster

yesterday was a day of disaster in Bhutan especially in Wangdue and Punakha. From the morning self we were scared πŸ˜“ by the earthquake which made me to jump out of the bed and ran out of the home. When I came out and stand on the door πŸšͺ it was raining ☔ so heavily and chocolate brown river was flowing below looking so wild. It rained for the whole day and and the evening was an unexpected scene.

I was just cooking the dinner while I suddenly heard that the lake in Laya is about to burst and at any time it would reach here in Wangdue and we are asked to be alert. I was shocked at once and decided to run πŸƒ to the mt. Top.

We were waiting for the alarm to buzz and ready to run. Every people was scared πŸ˜“ some were in confusion. Some were even carrying beddings. After around half an hour, the arlam buzzed and all the people started to rush upwards. The alarm buzzed continuously which made us to feel that the flood is about to touch our feet. We reached at one of the highest point and decided to watch the flood from there. Even after waiting for so long, flood didn't reach wangdue.

People from bajo were rushing towards the army ground at tencholing. We waited till mid-night πŸŒƒ but the water level seems to be same, so we just came back to home 🏠 n slept. Actually the flood was minor and thank god that nothing happened. 

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