The most dreadful morning-II

With my heart beating at the highest rate and my entire body shivering, I shouted to my house owner who was still on the bed at the next floor asking him to reach me to the school quickly. Hearing my unusual voice he woke at once and as he was kind hearted, he was ready to reach me there. I quickly wrap my gho and run towards the road at my highest speed. I was wondering how could I be so stupid and idiot at the moment and how could I mix up the ‘board time table’? Luckily it was dzongkha otherwise I was dead.

I was thinking that the day after is English and the final exam is dzongkha but in reality dzongkha was before english. How could that happen? With nothing in the mind but the fear of principal sir’s growl on seeing me, I reached in the school where the chief invigilator madam was waiting for me at the door of our exam hall and fortunately principal sir was busy talking with someone behind there. Madam didn’t say anything and quickly scanned my pocket and my entry card. I went straight to my seat, while all my friends there were wondering why was I so late for the exam?

When I got the question paper on my hand it was almost 9:15 by then, thirty minutes late. With nervousness I found myself writing my name on the answer sheet where we are supposed to write the subject. At one glance on the answer sheet, I saw only a space and thought that it is  for the name and only after writing half of my name, I saw it was written sub: in the front. I was totally out of my mind even forgotten that we never write our name on the board exam answer sheet. And when I quickly tried to aggregate my mind and try to write my index no. there and guess what, I even forgotten that too.

It’s so funny but it happens in such situations. I was even having tough time searching my index no. on my entry card. I had to cross check the number thrice to make sure it was right. Being late by thirty minutes and being a slow writer, I almost lost my mind. While everybody was busy writing the questions and answers part of the passage, I was reading the first line. The more I try to write fast the more my hand gets slow. With my shivering hand I hardly could read my own hand writing. I was just wondering how the markers would read my answers. And like as I was expecting I couldn’t complete with my answering.

As soon as we were out of the hall all my friends were curious to know why was I late for the exam. I had tough time in explaining them. It was really the most dreadful morning of my life but I’m taking it as a lifelong lesson. We should never take things so lightly always or else you’ll land up in a hick soup like me.

                                                          D.K Thulung Rai


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