Can see the future of Wangdue

This is actually a good news for all the residents of Wangdue and even for all the citizens of Bhutan. I’m talking about the construction of one of the biggest hospital in Bhutan at Wangdue dzongkhag by the Punatsangchu hydro project at wangdue. The hospital is under construction and it said that it will be completed within few years.

 The construction works of forty buildings project is under full swing and almost half of the construction work is completed. I’m talking about this because the hospital is just above my house and it’s a good news for me too. When the hospital is completed thousands of Bhutanese citizens can receive its best services like at the JDWNRH in Thimphu and many people who may not be able to reach Thimphu can receive the same service from here by then.

I’m really happy to see such initiatives of the project and the Bhutan govt. for the well-being of people of the nation. I just want to wish that the project to complete soon and provide its best services to the nation.

                                                               D.K Thulung Rai


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