Everything happens for ones own good

With the belief that everything that happens in our day to day life just happens for our own good and with a reason, I thought of sharing a short story or an incident which happened with one of my friends. Few days back he was busy in searching for a job and after seeking at various companies he finally got in one. That day he was really happy and he immediately joined the company from the next day itself.

He was working there with his full heart and dedication. Within few days he met with many new friends and their work was under full swing but one ugly morning he was going for his everyday chores where he saw that the MD of the company was just standing in-front of his office but he didn’t notice him as it was quite usual. As he was passing by him, suddenly a voice came from his back “hey! You mister, you can work today but you don’t have to come to the office from tomorrow on-wards OK” that also without any explanation.

That was really a dreadful news for him which he not even dream of and in shock he only could give response in sign language that is to move his head. How can somebody do like that with an innocent’s life, I personally felt really bad on hearing that. He was sharing me that at once he felt like falling down from the sky and it was like a dreadful dream. There was only one question bouncing in his brain “but why?” With nothing that he could do on that situation he had to accept it.

That whole day he was thinking that what wrong he might have done? And he asked to few of his colleagues and came to know that MD was saying they were having more staffs than actually required. “No way..!! That can’t be the reason I believe” as all the staffs were fully engaged. Once he thought of asking to MD the truth but thinking that it’s just a waste of time he leaved it.

Now he was in big trouble ‘where to work now?’ and started to drag his mind. Gradually many options started to blink on his way from which he nominated the best and went to seek the job there. And as expected he got the job there with a much higher pay than before and he was happy again. His story made me to belief strongly in that saying ‘everything happens for good’. So there is nothing to worry about is something wrong happens with you, just believe that it happened for good and another better way will be waiting for you. 


                                                               D.K Thulung Rai


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