Don't use cellphone while driving

Using cellphone while driving is strictly prohibited from the law only to secure our own life and live a worth life but people are taking this things quite lightly and losing own life and even others worth life due to a simple carelessness of the drivers. Today morning shocking it just happened beside our home above the dragon nest resort. The driver was busy talking in cellphone when he realized that he is out of the road and falling down from the hill.

The road was straight but I don’t know how he lost his control and directly fell around 50 ft. down on the resort’s car parking. Few guides and drives saw the accident in 3D motion just in-front of their sight and they said that they quickly tried to rescue the driver reached him to the Bajo hospital immediately. Fortunately there was only the driver in the car and he was saved but everybody may not be as lucky as him and we can’t effort to test the death.

When I reached at the place the car was upright down and crushed on the parking border leaning on a tree which almost crushed the whole front left fender and engine. I know this is not a new story here and we know everything about it but we are lacking to implement the truth. We tend to forget time and again and take it lightly but we never know when our bad fortune arrives. It’s just a reminder to all the drivers and even to the passengers to avoid their drivers from using cellphone while driving.

I think we can at least stop our car for a while to respond the call or we can make use of the technology and use a bluetooth ear phone as I believe it’s quite save. We should never do with the messaging while driving as it really diverts our sight and concentration leading to accident. I don’t know if the bbs would cover this news today as it has become quite common these days. Our life our responsibility and but we shouldn’t forget the worth life of our passengers behind. Prevention is better than cure as said.

                                                                 D.K Thulung Rai

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