The first conference

This was my first time attending the parents and teachers conference in the school. Few days back I heard that there will be a conference in the school soon. Since my youngest brother is studying in grade one and mom being busy with her daily schedule and only option left was me. I tried hard to ignore knowing that it would be so boring listening to long session but couldn’t avoid.

Today was the conference and had to attend. Unexpectedly the conference was held outside in the sun as the school don’t have MP hall which they should. Listening to the speeches from the principal teachers and the gup’s long speech, I almost lost my sight. As expected they were talking about the child’s hygiene diet punctuality studies and more than that they were focusing on the budget for the school rimdo and statue of ‘jutsen jamyang’ the god of wisdom which was good but they should have talked more on how to improve the child’s study.

After almost two and half hours session in the sun again there was two hours non-stop session inside the class. We were having tough time listening in hunger but it was quite informative and was all for our own good. They talked about the disaster that is happening in and around the nation, health issues and precautions, ten core life skills and physical fitness and for that I would like to thank all the teachers and the principal of the Rinchengang pry school (wangdue). And finally after a long wait the session ended successfully.

                                                                   D.K Thulung Rai


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