One step towards the dream

In life, the first thing we must have is the dream to have something or to become something in the future and the determination to fulfill that. The dream that we dream about gives us the courage and determination to move forward and make it happen one day.

As rightly said by the Bruce Lee “knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.” Like-wise simply dreaming is not enough; we must have the determination, hope and the strong belief in the dream that we dream of. The strong belief acts as our weapon and shows us the path that leads us in approaching our dream but if don’t have the dream in our life, it’s very hard for us to become a successful man in the coming future.

We tend to lack behind when our friends moves ahead living us as they had their own dream and they worked for it. As a student we must have our ambition which can be our true dream. That ambition helps us in deciding our streams and courses during our higher studies and makes our life simple. We can study according to our ambitions needs from the beginning itself and can move forward efficiently to grape our dream and feel like enlighten at the end of the tough day. But many a time’s students fail to decide their ambitions and get puzzled with their hobbies and their ambition in the time of needs. Ambitions and hobbies are two different things but if we think carefully they the same thing and hobby is our interest and our interest leads to our ambition.

Our dream can be our needs wants or may be our desires but as known wants and desires are like drinking the water from the ocean which is unbounded. As said “if we can make mistake we must have the ability to withstand the punishment. Similarly if we can have the desire we must have the ability to earn it by self or else better not dream of because it is the root of immeasurable sorrow. So, dream for good, have belief in it and start our journey with the one step and there is no way that you may lose your track in the middle.

                                                              D.K Thulung Rai


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