The most dreadful morning

Our class twelve board exam time table was out by then and it was pasted on our school notice board at our block. I with all the curiosity quickly went to copy the time table on a piece of paper. Due to my laziness I copied all the subjects and dates in their short forms which only I could understand thinking that I will rewrite when I’m home. At the first glance itself I tried to grab the entire time table into my brain and I was sure about that. I rewrote it and pasted just in-front of my study table so that I can see it and study accordingly. By then I memorized it all and I was ready for the exam. We were almost done with our exams and only two subjects were left. They were dzongkha and English.

One morning I woke up lately at around eight knowing it was off on that day. I was sure of the off and I didn’t ask to any of my friends on the day before. I woke up with the relaxed mind after a long tough exams and busy schedules. My mind was fresh; I went to the kitchen made a cup of coffee for my grandpa put rice in the rice cooker, brushed my teeth at the slowest rate, washed my face and came back to my room. As soon as I stepped on the door, I heard my cellphone ringing. With wonder who would be calling me in the morning. I quickly picked up the phone and said, “hello” and a lady responded me “is this dhan kumar rai?” and with a quick think, I replied “yes”. I dragged my brain hard to recognize that voice and as she was speaking in english, I was thinking that she could be one of our school teachers. But again why would a teacher call me at the morning and who she could be? It was quite unusual.

While I was lost in the wonder, there comes the most dreadful news for me as she said, “Are you not coming to do the exam today?” OMG! What did I hear? Am I not in the dream? I couldn’t believe my ears and found out that she is the chief invigilator madam. With a short shocking silence I replied back “today is our off know madam?” and she quickly responded back “no today you have dzongkha exam, come here fast you are getting late for the exam.” I quickly looked at the time table which was just in-front of me and found out that she was right. I was so shocked at once and felt I suddenly fell down from the sky, how could that happen? My heart beats suddenly rushed up to the highest beating. Before I could respond back our principal sir started howling at me. “you fellow! What are you doing? Come here fast within thirty minutes.”  To be cont...

                                                                D.K Thulung Rai


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