A letter to Mom

Dear Ama,        I’m always hoping that you are doing well and your health is better hai. I know I hardly call you but there are no single day where I may not have missed you honestly and I’m really sorry for that hai but you don’t forget to call me so, I’m always happy for that. I know you can’t read this message and it may remain as a mystery for some time but I‘ll make sure to convey you my this message one fine day hai, sooner or later and to say about me, I'm doing good here so, no worries hai.   People have remarked this day as a mothers’ day, but for me every day is a mothers’ day as I feel that a single day is never enough to show our gratitude and thank our mothers for their love and care towards their child. I know I have gone through lots of hard times, moments, situations and struggle due some chaos in our family when I was young but I take it all positively as a life lesson and, that things actually gave me more confident to face this crazy world, bu

Happy Teachers' Day 2017

Though the World Teachers' Day, also known as International Teachers Day, is celebrated annually on 5th  October  since 1994 to commemorates teacher organizations worldwide, in Bhutan the day is celebrated on 2nd of May commemorating the birth anniversary of The Third King Jigme Dorji Wangchuck, the father of modern Education in Bhutan. To mark this special day, The day is celebrated as the Teachers' Day all over the Bhutan. We the JNEC family also celebrated the day grandly as we celebrate every year.       Album Happy Teachers' Day, JNEC 2017 HAPPPY TEACHERS'S DAY!!!! And thank you for everything... 

The album floral petals

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