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Welcome Show

Yesterday night was a very refreshing night for all of us, the first year students and the night was for us especially. We had a very enthusiastic welcome show given by our seniors. We, all the fresher had a very great moment watching them presenting us with the beautiful and various dance forms in a well decorated stage. I really enjoyed watching the show and all the performance were good. welcome speech welcome dance Though having a busy schedule, they have managed to present us the best they could do and that made me happy deeply. Before the real show, I could see them practicing till the late night with all their efforts and cooperation leaving their many works to be done and that impressed me actually. After few days, we have a return show again by the fresher and I’m quite worried about that. As we all are new to this institute and hardly knowing any orientation of the institute and hardly knowing the new friends out here, we are still in dilemma.

Welcome matches at Jnp

Yesterday we had a thrilling welcome matches between the first and second years, both girls and boys. First match was played between the girls. At the first sight we thought that our first year girls are playing a losing battle but they played well and lost by only one goal though the second year’s girls were all good players. We really enjoyed the girls match. The second match was played between the first year boys and the second year’s boys. Though our first year boys were selected through the lucky tip system and playing for the first time in a new ground, they played well, I should say. The second year’s team were all set and our team members don’t even knew the team members name and calling ‘charo! charo!’ while playing was quite fun.  Boys team At the initial the match went so well and the second year’s boys were having quite tough time against the first year’s team but unfortunately we lost by three goals at the end, so sad but they could at least score o

That was a surprise!

That was actually a surprise for us, for the first year student. I don’t know about the other colleges of RUB but here at the JNP it has become like a custom that every year all the Nepali or Lhotshampa students from the first year and second year hold a gathering. Yesterday evening, we all the nepali students were asked to gather in our college dining hall at 4:30 and I was just wondering, what is that and why? So, I quickly changed my dress and went there to attend the programme but when I reached there, I could see only the second year students, all new faces. I waited there chatting with the seniors and after few minutes first students arrived gradually and we were asked to get into the hall. I was thinking that the non-nepali will also be attending the programme but surprisingly there was none inside. Seeing all the second year’s nepali brothers and sisters made me feel glad. When the programme coordinator gave his well-come speech in nepali language, I felt really glad