Welcome Show

Yesterday night was a very refreshing night for all of us, the first year students and the night was for us especially. We had a very enthusiastic welcome show given by our seniors. We, all the fresher had a very great moment watching them presenting us with the beautiful and various dance forms in a well decorated stage. I really enjoyed watching the show and all the performance were good.

welcome speech
welcome dance

Though having a busy schedule, they have managed to present us the best they could do and that made me happy deeply. Before the real show, I could see them practicing till the late night with all their efforts and cooperation leaving their many works to be done and that impressed me actually.

After few days, we have a return show again by the fresher and I’m quite worried about that. As we all are new to this institute and hardly knowing any orientation of the institute and hardly knowing the new friends out here, we are still in dilemma.

I don’t know how the new friends will give their cooperation for the upcoming show as no one is willing to dance from the class. May be they are feeling uncomfortable as they are new to the place and because of that class representative is having a tough time selecting the dancers.

I’m just wondering how they‘ll turn up for the practice but hoping that everyone‘ll give their best cooperation and make a good and presentable item at the end. I’m just hoping that everything will go as it should and not to embarrasses the second year’s students and especially the director sir.


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