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On that same date mention in the above text my Bro-in -law had a massive accident above the Dragon Nest Resort due to that same flood. There were two men in the vehicle including my bro-in-law. Fortunately nothing happened to both of them...

An UnExpected flood above my House

(my home) It was on date 9th of May 2013 when I reached home from the school, the rain started and went on accelerating till it washed down all the soil from new PHPA hospital which is under construction above our house on the mt.slope.The water flow down like a waterfall and directly strike our house even the Dragon  Nest Resort.The water even got inside our neighbours house by penetrating the wall.I think they have not disposed soil properly which caused massive soil erosion. previously when there used to be heavy rain we used to have a fair (above our house) that the water level of river below our house may raise and cause damage to our house and us but now we always have fair that soil erosion from above may_. I think they need to make proper drainage system around their constructions so that_

Forest fire in Wanduephodrang...

Today at around 3 PM , i was chatting with my friend inside my room when I suddenly heard people shouting out ourside house and when I quickly came out to find what was going on, I could see people pointing at the mountain range (mt. range above the Bajo town) above the arm force ground (above the Bajo town) , the range was  burning surrounded by red flame, covered with smoke. All the army  were trying their best to stop the fire but the fire had already reached  at the top of the mt. range. But however at around 5:30 PM they  could managed to stop the fire after two and half hours of efforts. This days I don't what's going wrong in Wangdue because many  unexpected incidents are happening in and around wangdue. Police is still under investigation about this case and I hope they will able to find out the man behind this case who is a virus to this nation........ (Bajo town)

Dual celebration in Bajothang hss

Happy Teachers Day.. Today, 2nd May was a very special occasion for all the Bhutanese citizens to make alive our late 3rd king of Bhutan ( Jigme Dorji wangchuck ) known as the "father of modern Bhutan" to acknowledge his all the contribution to the kingdom of Bhutan. may 2nd was declared as the teachers day on behalf of His majesty and the day is celebrated all over the Bhutan.On this day all the students wishes  and thanks their teachers for their all the efforts in educating them and every student and  their guidance...... Annual Sports Day..   One of the most important event in the school is the sports because education is not only reading and writing, sports is also a very important as while to earn a  wholesome education and to maintain a perfect health for better learning which is very  important. on the sports day all kinds of sports like field events, track events  are played and prizes and certificates are awarded to the winners to enc