Forest fire in Wanduephodrang...

Today at around 3 PM, i was chatting with my friend inside my room when I suddenly heard people shouting out ourside house and when I quickly came out to find what
was going on, I could see people pointing at the mountain range
(mt. range above the Bajo town)
above the arm force ground (above the Bajo town), the range was
 burning surrounded by red flame, covered with smoke. All the army
 were trying their best to stop the fire but the fire had already reached
 at the top of the mt. range. But however at around 5:30 PM they 
could managed to stop the fire after two and half hours of efforts.

This days I don't what's going wrong in Wangdue because many
 unexpected incidents are happening in and around wangdue.
Police is still under investigation about this case and I hope they will able to find out the man behind this case who is a virus to this nation........
(Bajo town)


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