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“April fool” the day of fun

Today the 1 st   April,  I believe is the day of fun where even a student can make fun of their teachers and they don’t tend to mind. They say it’s an April fool day. Today is the day where one has to be really careful and conscious because at any time you may be fooled by your friends colleagues relatives and even by family members. I still remember the way how the students starting from a small child up-to teachers enjoying this day and making great moments. The way my friends used to play tricks on others. The really common trick is to say someone “look..! Your shoe lase is untied J ”. Even I was fooled many times by my friends as I don’t used to remember the day. Sometime I used to try my best to remember the day and stay smart but used to fail many times. But it always used to be fun and we used to enjoy, missing the lovely school days.  My friends used to make plan at the morning that how to fool teachers today? But many times teachers used to be smarter than us. E