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Sun is just like happiness in our life It does not moves from its place But we do, leading to face the darkness. No one can escape the darkness Though, everyone’s desire is the light. Sun goes around the world giving Its brightness to other sides But when the time comes it does not Forgets to come back. What we just need is the strength To see through the darkness and Patients to wait for the sun to Reach us back with its better brightness. The sun burns itself to shine and Emit the brightness around If you want to shine like a sun, You have to burn yourself like a sun too, And if you can burn yourself like sun than Nothing can shadow your brightness. “And that’s simply life”

Project on fabrication of Ferro-cement Bench

As an engineering student, I feel that project works and the seminars are very important part of our curriculum as this is the opportunity where we have to work manually and practically, gaining the practical knowledge and ideas relating those theories that we have learned in the classes, so that we are confident and ready to face the world of engineering. So, for our final semester project we got the topic ‘Fabrication of the Ferro-cement Bench’. Actually, it was supposed to be portable Ferro-cement bench but I don’t think that Ferro-cement benches could be made portable ever, so the topic was changed to fabrication. For our project, I have designed two benches, one is the ferro-cement bench which will be constructed using the thin layer of Portland or the normal cement mortar with thin reinforcement bars. And the other is wood and concrete bench which will be constructed using both the wood as well as the reinforced concrete. We are using reinforced concrete for the higher