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The Historic Moment of JNP

Yesterday and today are very special days for all of us, the jnp family. The occasion was celebrated for the official inauguration of B.E Power Engineering, the very first degree programme introduced at JNP in the history of Jigme Namgyal Polytechnic. The honorable lyonchhen Tshering Tobgay officially inaugurated the programme and officially declared the new name of the institute which was kept secret and unknown for quite long time and we were really curious to know the new name of the institute. Another historic moment was the institute getting its name changed from the Jime Namgyal Polytechnic (JNP) to the Jigme Namgyal Engineering College (JNEC) in the history of JNP. I think that we the 2015 and 2014 batches are the luckiest batches of the JNP as we got the privilege to be known as the Polytechnic students as well as will be known as the JNEC students. The batches before us and after us will never get privilege to be known as both JNP and JNEC students so, I consider

The unheard voice of an old woman

I was going for my morning class, while I saw few officials standing behind one of the offices gate. An old lady came there and she started to talk with them. It seems like the officials were denying the old lady for something and I felt quite curious to know what is happening there. I was quite far from the reach of their voice; I put my few steps towards them so that I could hear their conversations clearly. I was watching them form the unknown distance and listening to their talk. The old lady was requesting to the officials to let her in from the gate as she wanted to pay back the credits to her friends who were staying inside the compound. She was requesting them time and again but the impolite officials were refusing her all the time. Then one of the officials asked her that what kind of credits was she talking about and as an answer to his question, she simply replied ‘credit for the half kg of potatoes’. The officials found her answer quite humorous and talked among them