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Everything happens for ones own good

With the belief that everything that happens in our day to day life just happens for our own good and with a reason, I thought of sharing a short story or an incident which happened with one of my friends. Few days back he was busy in searching for a job and after seeking at various companies he finally got in one. That day he was really happy and he immediately joined the company from the next day itself. He was working there with his full heart and dedication. Within few days he met with many new friends and their work was under full swing but one ugly morning he was going for his everyday chores where he saw that the MD of the company was just standing in-front of his office but he didn’t notice him as it was quite usual. As he was passing by him, suddenly a voice came from his back “hey! You mister, you can work today but you don’t have to come to the office from tomorrow  on-wards   OK ” that also without any explanation. That was really a dreadful news for him which he

One step towards the dream

In life, the first thing we must have is the dream to have something or to become something in the future and the determination to fulfill that. The dream that we dream about gives us the courage and determination to move forward and make it happen one day. As rightly said by the Bruce Lee “knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.” Like-wise simply dreaming is not enough; we must have the determination, hope and the strong belief in the dream that we dream of. The strong belief acts as our weapon and shows us the path that leads us in approaching our dream but if don’t have the dream in our life, it’s very hard for us to become a successful man in the coming future. We tend to lack behind when our friends moves ahead living us as they had their own dream and they worked for it. As a student we must have our ambition which can be our true dream. That ambition helps us in deciding our streams and courses during our higher studies and makes our li

Can see the future of Wangdue

This is actually a good news for all the residents of Wangdue and even for all the citizens of Bhutan. I’m talking about the construction of one of the biggest hospital in Bhutan at Wangdue dzongkhag by the Punatsangchu hydro project at wangdue. The hospital is under construction and it said that it will be completed within few years.   The construction works of forty buildings project is under full swing and almost half of the construction work is completed. I’m talking about this because the hospital is just above my house and it’s a good news for me too. When the hospital is completed thousands of Bhutanese citizens can receive its best services like at the JDWNRH in Thimphu and many people who may not be able to reach Thimphu can receive the same service from here by then. I’m really happy to see such initiatives of the project and the Bhutan govt. for the well-being of people of the nation. I just want to wish that the project to complete

The first conference

This was my first time attending the parents and teachers conference in the school. Few days back I heard that there will be a conference in the school soon. Since my youngest brother is studying in grade one and mom being busy with her daily schedule and only option left was me. I tried hard to ignore knowing that it would be so boring listening to long session but couldn’t avoid. Today was the conference and had to attend. Unexpectedly the conference was held outside in the sun as the school don’t have MP hall which they should. Listening to the speeches from the principal teachers and the gup’s long speech, I almost lost my sight. As expected they were talking about the child’s hygiene diet punctuality studies and more than that they were focusing on the budget for the school rimdo and statue of ‘jutsen jamyang’ the god of wisdom which was good but they should have talked more on how to improve the child’s study. After almost two and half hours session in the sun ag

Don't use cellphone while driving

Using cellphone while driving is strictly prohibited from the law only to secure our own life and live a worth life but people are taking this things quite lightly and losing own life and even others worth life due to a simple carelessness of the drivers. Today morning shocking it just happened beside our home above the dragon nest resort. The driver was busy talking in cellphone when he realized that he is out of the road and falling down from the hill. The road was straight but I don’t know how he lost his control and directly fell around 50 ft. down on the resort’s car parking. Few guides and drives saw the accident in 3D motion just in-front of their sight and they said that they quickly tried to rescue the driver reached him to the Bajo hospital immediately. Fortunately there was only the driver in the car and he was saved but everybody may not be as lucky as him and we can’t effort to test the death. When I reached at the place the car was uprigh

The most dreadful morning-II

With my heart beating at the highest rate and my entire body shivering, I shouted to my house owner who was still on the bed at the next floor asking him to reach me to the school quickly. Hearing my unusual voice he woke at once and as he was kind hearted, he was ready to reach me there. I quickly wrap my gho and run towards the road at my highest speed. I was wondering how could I be so stupid and idiot at the moment and how could I mix up the ‘board time table’? Luckily it was dzongkha otherwise I was dead. I was thinking that the day after is English and the final exam is dzongkha but in reality dzongkha was before english. How could that happen? With nothing in the mind but the fear of principal sir’s growl on seeing me, I reached in the school where the chief invigilator madam was waiting for me at the door of our exam hall and fortunately principal sir was busy talking with someone behind there. Madam didn’t say anything and quickly scanned my pocket and my entry card. I w

The most dreadful morning

Our class twelve board exam time table was out by then and it was pasted on our school notice board at our block. I with all the curiosity quickly went to copy the time table on a piece of paper. Due to my laziness I copied all the subjects and dates in their short forms which only I could understand thinking that I will rewrite when I’m home. At the first glance itself I tried to grab the entire time table into my brain and I was sure about that. I rewrote it and pasted just in-front of my study table so that I can see it and study accordingly. By then I memorized it all and I was ready for the exam. We were almost done with our exams and only two subjects were left. They were dzongkha and English. One morning I woke up lately at around eight knowing it was off on that day. I was sure of the off and I didn’t ask to any of my friends on the day before. I woke up with the relaxed mind after a long tough exams and busy schedules. My mind was fresh; I went to the kitchen made a cup