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Bhutanese Youth and The Entrepreneurship Programmes

With the globe facing youth unemployment crisis, Bhutan is not an exception. The results of the   Labor Force Survey (2009 ),   has found that the unemployment rate has jumped to 4 percent and more than 80 percent of them are youth between the ages of 15 and 25. As youths are facing unemployment problem, youth entrepreneurship has come into the action. Entrepreneurs create jobs, increase innovations, raise competition and responsive to change economic opportunity (Francis, 2004). Entrepreneurship activities is a huge platform where every individuals can be engaged and make their life meaningful and successful. However, Bhutanese youth still find difficulties in taking up private entrepreneurship programmes today due to the lack of particular skill and specialization, mismatches between their education and the demands of activities, less encouragement from family and friends, lack of social and financial supports and the lack of proper working place. Though there are many entrep

The Historic Moment of JNP

Yesterday and today are very special days for all of us, the jnp family. The occasion was celebrated for the official inauguration of B.E Power Engineering, the very first degree programme introduced at JNP in the history of Jigme Namgyal Polytechnic. The honorable lyonchhen Tshering Tobgay officially inaugurated the programme and officially declared the new name of the institute which was kept secret and unknown for quite long time and we were really curious to know the new name of the institute. Another historic moment was the institute getting its name changed from the Jime Namgyal Polytechnic (JNP) to the Jigme Namgyal Engineering College (JNEC) in the history of JNP. I think that we the 2015 and 2014 batches are the luckiest batches of the JNP as we got the privilege to be known as the Polytechnic students as well as will be known as the JNEC students. The batches before us and after us will never get privilege to be known as both JNP and JNEC students so, I consider

The unheard voice of an old woman

I was going for my morning class, while I saw few officials standing behind one of the offices gate. An old lady came there and she started to talk with them. It seems like the officials were denying the old lady for something and I felt quite curious to know what is happening there. I was quite far from the reach of their voice; I put my few steps towards them so that I could hear their conversations clearly. I was watching them form the unknown distance and listening to their talk. The old lady was requesting to the officials to let her in from the gate as she wanted to pay back the credits to her friends who were staying inside the compound. She was requesting them time and again but the impolite officials were refusing her all the time. Then one of the officials asked her that what kind of credits was she talking about and as an answer to his question, she simply replied ‘credit for the half kg of potatoes’. The officials found her answer quite humorous and talked among them

The unknown moment

That was a thing which had never happened with me before. I used to consider myself as a tough man with a strong heart to overcome everything silly emotions that comes into our daily life but I think I'm not strong as much as I think. It was our second week at the jnp(polytechnic) and we were to attend a week long human value workshop which is conducted all over the RUB colleges in Bhutan. we, all the first year students were divided into six groups and I was in group one. Fortunately our group was lead by our director sir who is a really enthusiastic person. First time when I heard about the workshop I thought that it will be like a briefing session but I wrong. On the first day, director sir started with his presentation and I was at the back still wondering, what is he actually trying say, but the days passed gradually and the session went better and better and on the last day I felt like the days have passed so quickly. I don't remember whether it was 4th or 5th day, di

Was a Memorable day

It is always good to be out with our friends. Today, the 30 th day of the Bhutanese calendar is considered as the auspicious day and few of my friends had made a plan to visit the beautiful Dewathang’s Shedra or we can call it as Zangtopelri (the heavenly land). I was invited to go with them and I was happy actually as I always wanted to visit that Shedra ever since. The Shedra is really popular as it is founded and headed by His Eminance Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche. Unfortunately he was out of station today, but felt blessed to see his throne there.      Everything up there was extremely beautiful, the beautiful golden colored enormous Sherada, the statues, the sculptures, paintings, the way they welcome us and explain the hidden stories behind every sculptures and statues, scenarios, flowers, ponds, deer,  Rinpoche’s palace and everything there attracts the eyes of visitors. It really was a life time experience and opportunity to visit the place.

Welcome Show

Yesterday night was a very refreshing night for all of us, the first year students and the night was for us especially. We had a very enthusiastic welcome show given by our seniors. We, all the fresher had a very great moment watching them presenting us with the beautiful and various dance forms in a well decorated stage. I really enjoyed watching the show and all the performance were good. welcome speech welcome dance Though having a busy schedule, they have managed to present us the best they could do and that made me happy deeply. Before the real show, I could see them practicing till the late night with all their efforts and cooperation leaving their many works to be done and that impressed me actually. After few days, we have a return show again by the fresher and I’m quite worried about that. As we all are new to this institute and hardly knowing any orientation of the institute and hardly knowing the new friends out here, we are still in dilemma.

Welcome matches at Jnp

Yesterday we had a thrilling welcome matches between the first and second years, both girls and boys. First match was played between the girls. At the first sight we thought that our first year girls are playing a losing battle but they played well and lost by only one goal though the second year’s girls were all good players. We really enjoyed the girls match. The second match was played between the first year boys and the second year’s boys. Though our first year boys were selected through the lucky tip system and playing for the first time in a new ground, they played well, I should say. The second year’s team were all set and our team members don’t even knew the team members name and calling ‘charo! charo!’ while playing was quite fun.  Boys team At the initial the match went so well and the second year’s boys were having quite tough time against the first year’s team but unfortunately we lost by three goals at the end, so sad but they could at least score o

That was a surprise!

That was actually a surprise for us, for the first year student. I don’t know about the other colleges of RUB but here at the JNP it has become like a custom that every year all the Nepali or Lhotshampa students from the first year and second year hold a gathering. Yesterday evening, we all the nepali students were asked to gather in our college dining hall at 4:30 and I was just wondering, what is that and why? So, I quickly changed my dress and went there to attend the programme but when I reached there, I could see only the second year students, all new faces. I waited there chatting with the seniors and after few minutes first students arrived gradually and we were asked to get into the hall. I was thinking that the non-nepali will also be attending the programme but surprisingly there was none inside. Seeing all the second year’s nepali brothers and sisters made me feel glad. When the programme coordinator gave his well-come speech in nepali language, I felt really glad

My first day at jnp

Finally after a long journey I reached here at my destination jnp( Jigme namgyal polytechnic). It was my longest journey ever and I'm happy that I have reached here safely with all the blessing from my mom and my well wishers. Hostels IT block Now its been four days here at jnp and I'm still feeling like the very first day, unknown. In a blink eye four days passed here without even knowing and seeing who is the director, deans and the faculties of the college. Yesterday evening we had a briefing session by the chief provost(warden) and there I could see the huge mass of freshers at once for the first time and we almost occupied the whole mph. Civil block Adm block This is my first steep towards my future and I know that I'll be facing lots and lots of obstacles on my way but keeping the will to overcome that all. With friends There is still many many things to know about the jnp and go along with it. And again experiencing th

At Pling

Now it's been two days busy shopping 🏬 of my college stuffs and I'm still not done with it. I have scanned almost whole Phuntsholing and Jaigong searching for a good stuffs at the reasonable prices but having tough time getting the desired things even in this much big town ☹. Today is the last day for the shopping and stay in Phuntsholing. And if I'm not done with it today then I'm dead. Tomorrow morning at around 5:00 am I'll be crossing the West Bengal and Assam duar. And hop to reach Samdrup Jongkhar(deothang ) safely. This is my longest journey ever and I'm hopping for best.