My first day at jnp

Finally after a long journey I reached here at my destination jnp( Jigme namgyal polytechnic). It was my longest journey ever and I'm happy that I have reached here safely with all the blessing from my mom and my well wishers.

IT block

Now its been four days here at jnp and I'm still feeling like the very first day, unknown. In a blink eye four days passed here without even knowing and seeing who is the director, deans and the faculties of the college. Yesterday evening we had a briefing session by the chief provost(warden) and there I could see the huge mass of freshers at once for the first time and we almost occupied the whole mph.

Civil block
Adm block

This is my first steep towards my future and I know that I'll be facing lots and lots of obstacles on my way but keeping the will to overcome that all.

With friends

There is still many many things to know about the jnp and go along with it. And again experiencing the hostel life for the first time is quite tough for me here but with the hope that everything will be fine gradually. In 32 acres of compound without knowing from where it starts and where its ends, we had a very tough grass cutting session today morning and it's only the begining.


  1. Best of Luck brother. You have a long journey that you have just started. Tashi Delek

  2. Congrates for conquering your decision. Keep going sir.

  3. Congratulations and best wishes for going to college... An investment in education always pays the best interest!
    All The Best...
    God Bless You...
    Have Fun...:)

  4. Thank you so much for your kind words and wel wishes Norbu sir and Rupa madam...!


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