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"Volunteer Work for the Society.."

  From our school (BajothangHSS), we are trying to contribute something to the society by simply making a canopy near the newly constructed mani-Dungkar above the Bajo town where the visitor can take rest and have fun.Yesterday We around 12 boys from class 11 sci and com coordinated by Lopen Tshering Gyaltshen tried to make a canopy there, we started our work at around 9:00 AM and finished making the frame of the canopy by lunch but due to the lack of some materials we could not finished making the canopy. But we are hoping to finish in this coming Sunday.                                                           D.K Thulung Rai

"Visit to the Khuju Lhakhang...."

On the 26 th of October (Saturday), it was one of the most important and religious day. It was the descending day of the Buddha Gautama from the nirvana to the earth for every living being on this earth. On this most important day, me and my friends decided to visit the Lhakhang on the top of the mountain peak where most of the people don’t go, thinking that it is very tough to reach their. But I believe that the more u suffer the more you get the blessing so we decided to go there.   We were nine in total and we started our journey at 8:00 AM from the Wangdue Bridge. There was a rough road till the Lhakhang but it was too twisted and too long, so we took the short-cut and we had no definite path, we rush from the middle of the blue pine jungle and reached at a beautiful resting place at half way to the Lhakhang from where we could see the whole Wangdue views. We took a long rest their and had a refreshment also.   We got up again and finally reached at our destiny a

"Club exhibition..."

We had a club exhibition conducted today in our school to execute what the club has done in the series of one year. Every club has to show their products of one year to the audience and explain how they have made and how it is useful in the daily life. The entire club has shown their product materials beautifully to the audience. All the club masters were also equally involved in pasting their work to the guest especially our club master Mr. PaSSu Tshering which I believe was a very impressive sign in the eye of the guest and also to the audience. The guest and the school administration were very happy by looking at the work of club members and also the master. The programme was a very successful one with the help of all the teachers, school administration and the individual club. I am the member of e-learning club and we have created an offline web page where we have maintained all the work that we have done in term of one year. We have maintained all the club members’ blogs,

"Appointment of New Councillors in BHSS..."

                        Today, the newly elected captains are officially appointed as the captains by the school administration and are given all the roles and responsibilities of the captains starting from today. From today on-wards all the responsibilities of the captains are to be performed by the newly appointed captains till the end of academic year 2014 as respective captains. The main purpose of electing the new captains by the school administration starting from this year in advance is to give more time to study for the old captains who are from class xii as they have to attain the board examination and it is their life deciding point. The school administration is so thankful to all the old captains for their earnest efforts and contribution for the well-being of the school till now starting from the academic year 2013. The school administration is giving away the responsibilities of captains to the newly appointed captains as soon as possible so that they could at

"Five Dr.s from Bajo hospital visited our school..."

Five doctors from the Bajothang hospital led by DHSO visited our school today to aware us about all the common diseases in and around the globe. They have been trying to visit every school especially in Wangdue dzongkhag and trying to make sure that every student and their parents and the teachers are aware about all types of common diseases. In their presentation they were trying to convey us how the common and deadly diseases like cancer, HIV/ AIDS, TB and all types of common diseases are spread , their symptoms, their medication and very important thing  is, how to prevent form getting these types of diseases and if we happened to suffer from these diseases, they are trying to give us best of best medication both in and out of the nation. They also talked about teenage pregnancies, substance abuse, and water borne diseases, stress, balance diet, daily exercises and so on. This program was a very important for us as a youth because many of the people who are suffering

"Result of the captainship election"

highest votes (boys) highest votes (girls) well, today top 18s were announced during the assembly. I was very embarrassed when I heard my number of votes, it was too low to my expectation and with the ratio of total voters. I didn't expect too much but at least little more than that . But luckily i am selected in top 18s, i would be serving as one of the house captain. Among the boys Tshering Wangchuck from 11 com got the highest votes and from the girls Dawa Dema  from 11com got the highest votes. And about the lowest, i don't want share because it is too embarrassing. The school captain is still not finalized, probably they will discuss today and announce tomorrow.                                                                                                                           D.K Thulung Rai                                                                                                                                     

Captainship election for 2014 in BHSS

Today we had the captainship election where we were the VIPs as we are the main candidates. I felt really honored and privilege to be one of them. At the morning we gave our speech to all the Bajo-family sharing our plans and our promises for the well-being of our school and all the students. I thought someone will be calling our names and according that to we have to go in the front to give the speech. Last time when they were announcing the nominee’s names, mine was at the middle that time, I thought we will be following that sequence, so I was relaxingly standing at the side of all the boys but suddenly, present school captain ( Bumika Tamang ) announced “we will start our speech from that side..!” and she was looking at me, I was once shocked when I heard that. I went up to the podium and gave my speech in dzongkha niggchang (pure dzongkha) for two minutes as we are given only two minutes to share our manifestoes and ask for votes. In total, we were 29 candidates out