"Result of the captainship election"

highest votes (boys)
highest votes (girls)

well, today top 18s were announced during the assembly. I was very embarrassed when I heard my number of votes, it was too low to my expectation and with the ratio of total voters. I didn't expect too much but at least little more than that . But luckily i am selected in top 18s, i would be serving as one of the house captain.
Among the boys Tshering Wangchuck from 11 com got the highest votes and from the girls Dawa Dema from 11com got the highest votes. And about the lowest, i don't want share because it is too embarrassing. The school captain is still not finalized, probably they will discuss today and announce tomorrow. 

                                                       D.K Thulung Rai                                                                                                                                    


  1. You should be proud to be nominated. Congratulation for coming in top 18!

  2. thank you sir...! and yea, i am feeling proud...! why i was not very happy was because Deepan Tamang, who is very sincere in all his work got votes only in 20s which means many of the students voted with out judging the capabilities...

  3. but anyway deepan is selected because Roshan is doing games captain so on his place deepan got selected...


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