"Five Dr.s from Bajo hospital visited our school..."

Five doctors from the Bajothang hospital led by DHSO visited our school today to aware us about all the common diseases in and around the globe. They have been trying to visit every school especially in Wangdue dzongkhag and trying to make sure that every student and their parents and the teachers are aware about all types of common diseases. In their presentation they were trying to convey us how the common and deadly diseases like cancer, HIV/ AIDS, TB and all types of common diseases are spread , their symptoms, their medication and very important thing  is, how to prevent form getting these types of diseases and if we happened to suffer from these diseases, they are trying to give us best of best medication both in and out of the nation.
They also talked about teenage pregnancies, substance abuse, and water borne diseases, stress, balance diet, daily exercises and so on. This program was a very important for us as a youth because many of the people who are suffering from these diseases are young youth because they were not aware of getting such diseases. Even though the doctors had a tight schedules in the hospital, they came in our school thinking that they will at least aware the students and through the students they are expecting to aware the outsiders and epically the parents about such diseases. The only way to stay away from getting these diseases is to be always aware and prevent our-self form getting these diseases by applying various strategies. As said “prevention is better than cure”.
 “So eat good balanced diet, do daily exercise, stay away from abusing substance, be aware of these diseases and stay always healthy.”


                                                          D.K Thulung Rai


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