"Visit to the Khuju Lhakhang...."

On the 26 th of October (Saturday), it was one of the most important and religious day. It was the descending day of the Buddha Gautama from the nirvana to the earth for every living being on this earth. On this most important day, me and my friends decided to visit the Lhakhang on the top of the mountain peak where most of the people don’t go, thinking that it is very tough to reach their. But I believe that the more u suffer the more you get the blessing so we decided to go there.
We were nine in total and we started our journey at 8:00 AM from the Wangdue Bridge. There was a rough road till the Lhakhang but it was too twisted and too long, so we took the short-cut and we had no definite path, we rush from the middle of the blue pine jungle and reached at a beautiful resting place at half way to the Lhakhang from where we could see the whole Wangdue views. We took a long rest their and had a refreshment also.
We got up again and finally reached at our destiny at around 12:00 PM and offered our prayers and make wishes and all. We even received a blessing from the Truelku.

After that we had a heavy lunch on the beautiful lawn in-front of the Lhakhang. Had a long rest, chat, and I even had a good slept. And at around 3:00 PM, we again started our journey down towards the Wangdue Bridge and reached within one and half hour.
 Finally we disperse for our home sweet home. I reached home at around 5:30 PM and had a nice leg pain but in all, the trip was a very wonderful and successful one with friends.


                                                     D.K Thulung Rai


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