"Club exhibition..."

We had a club exhibition conducted today in our school to execute what the club has done in the series of one year. Every club has to show their products of one year to the audience and explain how they have made and how it is useful in the daily life. The entire club has shown their product materials beautifully to the audience. All the club masters were also equally involved in pasting their work to the guest especially our club master Mr. PaSSu Tshering which I believe was a very impressive sign in the eye of the guest and also to the audience. The guest and the school administration were very happy by looking at the work of club members and also the master. The programme was a very successful one with the help of all the teachers, school administration and the individual club.

I am the member of e-learning club and we have created an offline web page where we have maintained all the work that we have done in term of one year. We have maintained all the club members’ blogs, comics made by the club members based on the short stories from the English text books, we have audio book of Dawa the stray dog, we have question bank and we have various videos made by the club members.

                                                            D.K Thulung Rai


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