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     The movie which touched my heart…. The title of the story was ” Hearty Pow” which is a Kroean movie made based on an orphan children and the life of an orphan child. In this movie there is a brother Chan who is around 9 years and his little sister Soi who is around 5 years. They stay in their small house alone guided by their aunts as their father died at the early age and their mother went to city in the desire on money leaving her two very small children alone at home. There is also a pet dog Hearty , who plays a very important role in the story. They were happy in their small house and Chan always took care of his little sister but every night Soi asked about their mother to chan and chan would have no answer to his sister. They always hope that one fine day their mother would come and take them with her but unfortunately that didn’t happened and one day when chan and Soi were enjoying the snow ride, suddenly the dog got drawn and Soi too. The dog

New Thoughts

                    Difference When we are in the class, we are students When they are in the class, they are teachers. When we are out in the market, we’re loitering When they are out in the market, they are inspecting. When we joke in the class, we are jokers When they joke in the class, they have sense of humour. When we don’t do homework on time, we are lazy When they don’t do homework on time, they are busy. When we write over their writing, it is overwriting When they write over our writing, it is correction. When we are outside the principal’s office, we are punished When they are outside the principal’s office, they are waiting. When we are found in group, we are  gossiping When they are found in group, they are discussing. When we are found in library, we are bunking When they are found in library, they are researching. When we solve a problem, we are actively smart When they solve a problem, they are intelligent.

Second visit by Singaporean students in BajothangHSS..

After a long break I feel like updating my blog again...actually in this few weeks nothing adventures happened in my life which I feel like to share in the blog. But yesterday was amazing day for me as well as all the students of Bajothang Higher Secondary School . Actually what happened was, a group of around 20 students of Raffles Institutes from Singapore had arrived in our school for the second time after 8 days of journey in and around Bhutan.Our school was 9th school visited by them.we had a very great day starting from the morning itself we had no classes for the whole day. morning three periods, we had a great conversation with two of the Singaporean friends, we shared about our cultures,our customs,famous festivals celebrated in their country and in our country and the education system there and here in our country. after three periods of conversation,towards the end of third period we had a photo session. After the interval we had games played among the students of our scho