The movie which touched my heart….

The title of the story was” Hearty Pow” which is a Kroean movie made based on an orphan children and the life of an orphan child. In this movie there is a brother Chan who is around 9 years and his little sister Soi who is around 5 years. They stay in their small house alone guided by their aunts as their father died at the early age and their mother went to city in the desire on money leaving her two very small children alone at home. There is also a pet dog Hearty, who plays a very important role in the story.

They were happy in their small house and Chan always took care of his little sister but every night Soi asked about their mother to chan and chan would have no answer to his sister. They always hope that one fine day their mother would come and take them with her but unfortunately that didn’t happened and one day when chan and Soi were enjoying the snow ride, suddenly the dog got drawn and Soi too. The dog managed to escape out of the freezing water but Soi died in that ice water.

After that the boy faced the extreme challenges in surviving without parents. But the dog never left him and he was always there for Chan in every circumstances. The overall message of the story was very strong very relevant to our day to day life. I really loved the role played by the dog and his contribution in making the movie a very meaningful one. By looking at the dog in the story I felt like there is no difference between the human beings and animals except the ability of speech in human beings that’s all. 


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