That was a surprise!

That was actually a surprise for us, for the first year student. I don’t know about the other colleges of RUB but here at the JNP it has become like a custom that every year all the Nepali or Lhotshampa students from the first year and second year hold a gathering. Yesterday evening, we all the nepali students were asked to gather in our college dining hall at 4:30 and I was just wondering, what is that and why? So, I quickly changed my dress and went there to attend the programme but when I reached there, I could see only the second year students, all new faces.

I waited there chatting with the seniors and after few minutes first students arrived gradually and we were asked to get into the hall. I was thinking that the non-nepali will also be attending the programme but surprisingly there was none inside. Seeing all the second year’s nepali brothers and sisters made me feel glad. When the programme coordinator gave his well-come speech in nepali language, I felt really glad to hear our own language in a mass. Suddenly, I felt truly glad and happy.

Then we had a formal introduction session in nepali and I was feeling glad to hear everybody speaking in nepali. Some were speaking pure and some with all the hands and legs missing but that was fun. Every year they celebrate the Dassai and Depawali grandly here with all the supports from the Director sir and the faculties of the JNP. Before coming to the JNP, I was quite sad thinking that this year I’ll not be able to celebrate with my parents as I used to and was just thinking that I’ll go to one of the hotels with some friends and celebrate it but after hearing these I’m happy and curious. Hope we’ll enjoy a lot. The gathering really made my day yesterday.


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