Dual celebration in Bajothang hss

Happy Teachers Day..

Today, 2nd May was a very special occasion for all the Bhutanese citizens to make alive our late 3rd king of Bhutan ( Jigme Dorji wangchuck) known as the "father of modern Bhutan" to acknowledge his all the contribution to the kingdom of Bhutan. may 2nd was declared as the teachers day on behalf of His majesty and the day is celebrated all over the Bhutan.On this day all the students wishes

 and thanks their teachers for their all the efforts in educating them and every student and  their guidance......

Annual Sports Day..

 One of the most important event in the school is the sports because education is not only reading and writing, sports is also a very important as while to earn a wholesome education and to maintain a perfect health for better learning which is very important. on the sports day all kinds of sports like field events, track events are played and prizes and certificates are awarded to the winners to encourage them.....


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