It was like an ice on the wound

I was really in sad mood because of my unexpected result when I got the invitation of my two cousin brothers’ beey (marriage party) at Yeshothangka (Wangdue). Two of them who were brothers bought the brides who were sisters again, quite interesting. I had no mood at all to attend such gathering at that time but my mom said that to avoid such mood, we have to attend such gathering to divert our mind. so I agreed with her and decided to go after all, they were my brothers how could I avoid their such important day of their life. The wedding was on 5th of Feb, almost a week ago.

 brides bro has to carry her on his back
tika ceremony before entering home

So I went there with my mom and my little bro for the first time in their new house which was quite far from the old one. We reached their but I was still feeling bore and since I was in diet I had nothing to eat and drink but a cup of hot water. When we reached their the sindur lagan (wedding ceremony) was about to start and that custom the way they or we the Rai and Subba have to do was quite new for me and I really enjoyed a lot. There were many protocols that a behula(groom) and behuli (bride) had to follow which was quite specific but fortunately there would be one or more elders who would command every step that has to be followed by the behula and behuli. I got to look every customs of ours and was quite terrified thinking that how would I do during my turn in futureJ.

The lunch was ready by the time and we had a lunch but it was lunner for us. And at time only one fourth of the guest had arrived. I was feeling really bore without any friends there nothing to do so I went to the main kitchen which will be outside for cooking in mass for the guest and I joined with the other cooks who all happened to be my bros and cousins. All the food items were already cooked but since the gusts were coming and going back simultaneously the work of cooks were to serve them till 9 evening warming time and again, the time which actually crossed and went on till the late night. As soon as I joined the cooks, many of them disappeared from the kitchen so me and few of them had to serve all the guests till the late night. But even though they got to drink time and again they were angry and not willing to serve further actually as the time crossed, what about me who got nothing to drink but to work with a cup of hot water but I was happy to serve others. And after few minutes the elders from the grooms side came to the kitchen to apologies the cooks with a pot of jaar(local alcohol) for letting them serve out of the given time.

elder groom & bride
groom & bride have to dance

While everyone was singing dancing and celebrating the joy, some black sheep’s start creating hassle as we expected. Silence arrived once at around 1. The lights and the music systems were dead as the elder groom came out shouting “go to your own home”. One was just their neighbour uncle who was a giant man and another was far cousin bro who was quite young. I didn’t know what actually happened between them but I saw only when that young man quickly picking up a piece of firewood to hit the other one and my bro going quickly to stop him. How could someone create such scene at ones one of the most happiest moment of their life. One should never do like that no matter what, I believe. We can show our true character in some other time, it really doesn’t look good.

I thought the night is dead and was thinking how to spend rest of the cold night but after few minutes music came to live and the people were on the track again. I watched them dancing for few minutes and went to sleep; it was almost 4 am by that time. In the morning we, around 35 of us were to go to the brides’ home as a janti(people who goes from grooms’ side to the brides home) to Dagana(changkha-salami). At morning around 10 we had our breakfast and started our journey towards Dagana with full fun singing and making fun which I didn’t do of course but enjoyed a lot watching them doing . We had three vehicles; two cars for the brides and grooms and one DCM for the janti, where we travelled actually. We went happily singing and making fun and reached at the brides’ home at around 3. It really was a happy journey as it was not a normal journey. To be cont..(what happened at the brides home)

                                                                       D.K Thulung Rai


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