Loneliness is a thing to be felt sometime

Since from my childhood I was all alone and there are many sad stories behind these which I even don’t want to recollect which still makes me sad on thinking those days. Sometimes I used to think that I may be the unluckiest child on this earth who lost his mom when he was only eight months old and father who was as good as not there. A child who couldn’t recognize his mother when he got to see her only on 8 for the first time in his life after gaining his sense. I had to face lots and lots of difficulties in my relative’s houses. I was almost like an orphan till I joined the school in 2002 which was done by my uncle and not parents and for only these, many many thanks goes to him from deep. And this is the only reason why I think myself as a lucky man. My only sister didn’t got the chance to go to the school and get the education for which she still regret and it’s all because my useless father. Being in others houses was a very difficult and I always used to remain alone but I never lost my hope to live and survived all the hazards somehow.

My happiness arrived in 2003 when I got to stay with my mother but it was only for a year after a long time and after 2005 when I got to stay with her permanently but the loneliness was still there in me. As the years passed situation grew better and better and I got used to with the loneliness and I got adapted with it. I start liking it gradually and it was only friend. I had and have hundreds of friends but never found a friend to whom I can call as my best friend. I don’t know whether something was wrong with me or what? Best friend means a lot for me who is with us in times of happiness and sorrow. Friends are with us for only few hours or few days but after that loneliness will again grape you. Even best friends leaves us one day no matter how close we are.

The best way to escape form loneliness is to love loneliness I believe. When you start liking the feeling of loneliness, you don’t feel like hang out with friends and do crazy things always. Of course we have to do that and I too feel like doing that but not always. If we always stay with friends and enjoy every day then you tend to forget the value of friendship, celebration and enjoyment. If we celebrate the occasion occasionally then only we know the value occasion. When we love loneliness we don’t need any friends to make us happy and smile always but we’ll be happy in our own ways. We’ll get time to think more and do more things for ourselves. Without friends we can’t celebrate but we can enjoy we can’t laugh always but we can smile and above all our mind will be in peace always. When we love loneliness we’ll love silence and peace and it’s a great thing to experience sometime. It’s really hard for us to love loneliness but we have to accept it sometime. Being lonely for some time gives our mind to take rest and we’ll be in peace always.

Problems arrive when we are with friends as we feel like doing many crazy things that we are not supposed to do actually. All unwanted activities like drinking abusing drugs and fighting are all accompanied by being with friends all the time. When we are with friends we get carried away in the influence of some friends and that becomes our habits gradually. And when friends are not around us that’s when we die of being alone and it really happens sometimes. So why not make loneliness itself your friend which will never betray you. Loneliness means peace and I love peace. Loving loneliness never means to neglect our friends and stop having fun. We do have to have fun with friends enjoy with them sometimes and I too do that but we should never forget that we have to depart after meeting and we’ll again remain all alone. We should never try to run away from loneliness because we can’t. The more we try to escape from it the more we feel the pain of loneliness. If you are peace lover you should never try to do that. Just stay in your own world and enjoy with what is around you that’s life for me. If we are happy with what is around us happiness will be taken care.

                                                                    D.K Thulung Rai


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