"My First Trip to Phuntsholing"

In-front of Gopi Mon Mela
When I came to study in Wangdue in 2005 from Tsirang, that time I was in third standard. When I reached to fourth standard, from that moment only I had a strong eagerness of visiting Phuntsholing with my mom but due to several circumstances we could not visit till the date mentioned below. But finally this year we decided to go and do my school shopping as well. The entire January I was in the house eating, sleeping and watching TV. When the February approached I had a strong pressure that we would not get the bus ticket as people were saying that all the tickets were already being reserved, but we managed to get the ticket of 7th Feb but again we had a tension that we would not get the ticked to return back. Luckily my mom had a friend down there and she managed to get the ticket for us and also for herself on time, as she also works with my mom in the same place.
The Mela
The Rotating Wheel
During the journey of 236 KM from Wangdue to Phuntsholing, I had a very tough time controlling myself from vomiting. Beyond Thimphu every place was a new place for me, I tried my best not to close my eyes to see the new places. When we reached below Gedu, I felt like we are heading towards Sarpang and felt as if we will be able to see Sarpang town after few minutes, because the scenario is so similar. After a long downward rush from Gedu, finally we reached in Phuntsholing at 2:30 PM and it was good news for me because I thought we will be reaching only at 4:00 PM. And I was finally relieved and was very happy. As soon as we reached in Phuntsholing we went to Jaigong to see the scenario once and it was much better than Dathgari in Gelephu.
beautiful flower shop
From the next day, we started to do the necessary shopping first like my school accessories but had a tough time in doing bargaining with the Indians because their quoted price is the price of Thimphu and Wangdue and we had to bring down to the price of Phuntsholing  and India. I was not very happy due to the shortage of money for doing more shopping. We almost took around four days to buy few things. And also had a good time travelling in the auto riggsa, the auto seems very small but it’s carrying 8 to 10 people at a time, 5 people at the driver’s seat and driver could hardly see the road ahead, that’s looks so funny.
We even visited the Mela and it was the most amazing thing that I have ever experienced, the great rotating wheel, OMG my heart was about to burst and I felt like my heat is out of my body in the air. But I really liked that thrill and that was the best part of the trip, In next trip also I will try that for sure .And the super market was also not bat, “what do you want” everything is available, the same product at triple lesser price than in Wangdue and Thimphu, it feels so interesting doing shopping there and only one wish comes in our mind and that is “I wish if I had more money.”

So, finally returned home on 12th of Feb with all the satisfaction but unfortunately had to stay 2 hours at the Dochula due to road maintenance going on there. Any way it was a good time visiting the new places and new scenario, and my whole winter vacation was recovered.

                                               D.K Thulung Rai


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