His Majesty’s 37th Birth Anniversary Celebration in JNEC

It was a very happy and a glorious moment celebrating the 37th Birth anniversary of our beloved king Jigme Khesar Namgay Wangchuck in the college grandly. The college Thangzor (football ground) was beautifully decorated with lots of kings Kupar (picture) and beautiful quotations written on the beautifully decorated banners with immense hard work of the students and the faculty members showing their love and dedications towards the king.

The celebration was accompanied by one of the most powerful and loved women icon in the country Dasho Neten Zangmo popularly known as Aum Neten as our chief guest for the day. As everybody knows, she was the former chairman of Anti-Corruption of Bhutan and presently leading a NGO called Samdrup Jongker Initiative (SJI) in Samdrup Jongker.

I heard a lot about her since I was young during my high school and junior high school time. Personally I was very much excited to hear her voice and speech here yesterday. So, the day was a very lucky day for me.

Though the morning weather in JNEC was very foggy and we couldn’t see her arriving and standing on the podium but only could hear from the announcements of MC. At around 8:45 am, she arrived in the college and inaugurated the celebration with her power and pristine speech. Though the dense fog prohibited us from seeing her standing and speaking from the stadium, we could clearly hear her powerful voice penetrating the fog keeping us alert all the duration of her speech on the ground. She herself was feeling funny sometime speaking in a foggy weather where she couldn’t even see her audience and she was laughing too sometime and we too down on the ground.

Her speech was very effective and one of the most interesting speech that I have ever heard. She almost covered all the present national concerns starting from the chillies crises to the rupee crunch, Democracy, Parliament, youth participations, GNH characters of the Bhutanese people, corruptions, Disasters and it was very sad to know that the Engineering is one of professions involving most corruptions. She also sheared some of the important quotations of His Majesty the King concerning the nation’s future and the youth which were very vital to think over by us as the present youth and the citizens of the nation.

She was also sharing about one of the touching story of a Japanese lady who was a teacher and was suffering from a cancer. She was saving money from her salaries for a quite long time for the treatment of her cancer. What was very touching was, she giving all her life time saving of one fifty thousand US dollar to our beloved fifth King showing her immense love and devotion towards the king and the people of the Bhutan. She passed away few year back writing a statement, stating her love and devotion for the king for the courage and value of life that king has given to the people of Japan and to her.

Honestly, that short story of that Japanese lady almost took my tears paring out from my eyes in-front of so much crowd, luckily it was foggy. Now the question is, if one outsider would have that much love and care, devotion for our king and the country, how much should we supposed have as the citizens of the nation enjoying the peace and harmony of the country and leading a happy life.

The day was compacted with lots of programmes and celebrations. Firstly the 37th Birth anniversary of His Majesty the Fifth King, secondly the celebration of 43th college foundation day which actually fall on 22th of Feb but was celebrated yesterday for the greater charm and dedication for the king. Thirdly, the 3th scout’s day and finally the opening of the 3th JNEC open football tournament.

There were various programmes and items prepared by the students and the faculties such as march pass, various forms of Bhutanese dances, very interesting games such as sag walking and the tug of wars. Lottery draw, which was actually very sad moment for many of us because we didn’t get any prices though of much expectation but the day ended so well as it was the one and only our beloved His Majesty’s Birthday after all.

So, finally I would like to wish a very long and glorious life of our beloved kings and let the rays of happiness shines and flourish the GNH in the country forever and ever…


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