BajothangHSS Annual Rimdo And Intra-House Cultural Show Competition.

On 31st of August annual school Rimdo (Puja or ritual) and intra-house cultural show competition were conducted on the same day in Bajothanghss, so that the less number of classes are being missed in conducting such programmes in the school. Even though these programmes were very important but academic is always above all. Rimdow was conducted inside the multi-purpose hall and the cultural show was conducted in the lawn beside the administrative blog which is normally used for conducting such programmes.
Our chief guest was head of the Wangduephodrang Shedra (monastery) in both the programmes. Annual school rimdo was conducted in the school for the welfare and prosperity of the school and all the Bajothanghss family. We, all the students and teachers were asked to attain the rimdo ceremony inside the MPH where we had a tough time accommodating around 7oo plus students and around 40+ staffs. Inside the hall the temperature was so high that we could hardly bear the heat and even some of the madams were suffering a lot due to heat and congested area but we managed to stay inside the hall for around three and half hours as it was for our own welfare. But we really enjoyed throwing duna (mixture of all type of grains) over statue of duem (witch) and shouting so that the duem will ran away from our school and from the soul every individuals.
Instead of throwing duna over duem, students were enjoying throwing more to each other to have fun, which I guess was not supposed to do. But anyway the rimdow was a successful due to the worthy efforts of all the teachers and worthy captains and also the cooperation given by all the individual students.

Coming back to the intra-house cultural show competition, we have eight houses in the school and each house was supposed to prepare three items that were zhungdra, boedra and the rigsar. Many of the houses had tough time while preparing zhungdra because many of the students don’t wants to participate in the zhungdra as they only love to participate in the modern dance form which is rigsar. But at the end all the items were well performed in front of the worthy judges and they all were enjoying the show and we students too. And we really had a fun.



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