Wangdue Tshechu 2013


Today, after a long time I went to visit the Wangdue Tshechu. I thought there would be only few peoples in the ground as compared to that of in the dzong but when I reached there, I could see many peoples in the ground but all were playing mela and people were all busy in their own business. I could see only few peoples actually watching the Tshechu and they were all grandfathers and grandmothers and very few younger ones. Few years back when Wangdue Tshechu used to be celebrated in the dzong, all the peoples especially girls used to do make starting from their head to toe with all the expensive ornaments and dresses on their body but unfortunately we lost our Wangdue dzong few years back and it is yet to be reconstructed. so, that is why Wangdue Tshechu is celebrated in the military ground and I could feel that there is no charm like there used to be in the dzong. I think we have to celebrate the Wangdue Tshechu in the ground for few years more again till the dzong is fully reconstructed .Peoples were all in their simple dresses without any ornaments on their neck and expensive kiras and ghos.  I felt that all the mask dances were well performed with all their efforts and I hope that all the peoples will be blessed by the Tshechu mask dances. I really enjoyed watching the mask dances with their different types of mask and costume especially the Aachara with his most funny Bap.

To talk little bit about the mela programme in the ground, there were everything, games, fast food shops, cloth shops, restaurants, toy shops and etc…and people were really enjoying the games and foods. One man got over dose by the alcohol and he was lying in front of one of the restaurant, very embarrassing yes..?! Rest everything was fun and my friends, JP, KP and I also really enjoyed the foods and games. And after few hours my legs started to pain and we decided to move back to our home…

                                                                D.K Thulung Rai



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