"Real Fun"

My small brother Milan and his small friends were plying carrom with the full joy and they were really enjoying and it also made me remember my childhood. They could manage only a board but they could not find a carrom so they decided to play with the plastic bottles lids. I was just watching them and they went to find the bottles lids.


After a few minutes they came back with a few bottles lids and started to play. Out of all the children my small brother was most excited because he was playing this game for the first time and he had no idea how to play. After every shoot he shouted with the excitement whether the carrom goes in the hole or not. I was also enjoying watching them playing. After few minutes my brother said that he is done with the game and I also joined them and it was really fun playing with the children that also with a plastic bottles lids.

This was ours new years fun and enjoyment.

                                                                  D.K Thulung Rai


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