"New Year Party 2014"

Dragon Nest Resort has a very good system of giving a grand new year party annually to all the staffs of the resort. Last year they had a new year party in their own resort but this year they decided to have in a different place to make little more special. So they decided to have in the newly inaugurated hotel Kinley in the Bajo town. This hotel is owned by the owner of one of the most popular general store in Wangdue i.e kinley general store. It's a very beautiful hotel and perfect for a grand diner with friends and families. 

The party was coordinated by the manager of the DNR. well, I was not a staff of DNR but my mom serves there and I was invited as a gust. So, I also joined them to have fun with them. It was a great fun and all the staffs had a good time to spent with talking and sharing things with each-other. And one of the most interesting thing was DNR had even selected a best employ of the year 2013. They had special certificate and a cash price for the winner. And it was rightly acquired by one of the ladies Run Maya Subba (dish washer). She was very happy and excited but at the same time very nervous about it as it was a big surprise for her.

In the final notation, the party was not very awesome like in the party hall as it was a family party but it was fun and I had a really good time with the staffs.

                                                               D.K Thulung Rai


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