Getting started

         Dream coming true -starting....

This year we the student of the bajothang h,s,school were very lucky to have a very new club called "Educational Technology club" introduced by IT teacher Mr.paSSu Tshering. This is a very new club in the education sector of Bhutan with the objectives to provide the students with better ways to learn and access the knowledge of modern technology in this modern era and make every possible use of the technology in the learning state. We are 18 first members of the this club with one president and I am very lucky to be a part of this club.

we are now introducing this club with a very big objectives and I hope we can implement each of them simultaneously with the help from our president and our corporation among the club members. This is our golden opportunities to help every learners to give knowledge about the application of modern technology in terms of learning and executing every information which are not taught in the class but are very important in our life.
My dream was  always to join the IT class and learn about the computer system and internet network.  Unfortunately I could not join the IT class due to subject division in class 11 but Fortunately I could join the new club which is better than IT class for me and I'm very happy with that and proud to be a member of this club.


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