Intra-House Road Race In Bajothang school

On 27th of April 2013, a short road race was conducted in our school Bajothang h,s,s as we conduct annually. The race was among the 8 houses further categorised into Junior i.e.class viii and bellow, and Senior i.e.class ix-xii. Sr.boys were asked to run from our school to khuruthag bridge and again back to the school football ground. Sr.girls, Jr.boys and girls are asked to run little shorter distance respectively.
 Sr.boys 1st (Bik Bdr from class xii sci (Dungkar house)

this is the khader ceremony awarded to the position holders from each categories. students congratulating their house members with a big round of applause. Many houses scoured (+)points at same time scoured( -)points, as many runners could not complete the race.


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