I suddenly became health conscious

I was 72 in weight a month before and my BMI was fat so I thought of losing some weight but I didn’t know how, so I thought of doing with a simple diet.  My weight mustn’t be higher than 65 and this is my mission. I couldn’t do the proper diet but thought of eating less having no idea whether it’ll have any effect or not. So I decided to eat less than my actual appetite and I’m doing that since last week of Dec 2014 and even started with evening jogging and some simple exercise in the evening since I’m not able to carry out in the fresh morning. Because I can hardly wake up at 8 or 9 and it’s not possible for me to jog in the odd hours. I’m still continuing with it but I have no idea whether I’ve actually lost any weight or I’m just scarifying with my especial food and wasting my time.

I’m thinking of weighing my weight in Feb of 2015 and if there happen to be no change in my weight even a single kg then I’m sure I’ll start again with my daily routine and eat as much as I can, no matter how fat will I become but if there is decrease of even a single kg in my weight than I’ll make sure that I’ll continue with my exercise no matter how hard it’s for me.

I think it’s really not good to be overweight since from a young age itself, health wisely and even personality wisely also. It’s really hard being over healthy with very less stamina where we can’t do whatever of our age does easily like playing soccer and basketball forget about participating in road races. And there is a very high chance that we may suffer from BP and diabetes which are life-long diseases and which are very popular in this generation where people can hardly escape from these after crossing 30. Some even experience these diseases from youth itself and I don’t to land up like that because I hate eating same medicine for life-long like my mom going through now.

I, myself find sometime very odd when I look at myself in the mirror especially when I wear my school uniform and realize myself why sometime my friends calls me as motu but I’m absolutely fine with that but sometime I become quite worried regarding my health. So let’s see how effective my diet and work out are going on hope acceptable. I’ll get know in few days soon.
If any of my blog viewers have any idea about how to lose weight sooner or gradually can kindly leave the tips, I’ll be so grateful.

                                                                 D.K Thulung Rai


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