Recollections of my Ambitions

I think these days are the last days to recollect my ambitions before I actually see my horrible result which are now like unicorns and soon they are going to fly leaving only me behind because after the result, the result will decide my journey and not me. It’s quite crazy but wanted to keep as my beautiful memory in my archive before it gets crushed. When was in primary school, my ambition was to become a pilot because I thought it’s really cool to fly over the air when everybody looks up from the earth wishing if they could also fly in that one day and I too used to think that way. Whenever our teachers used to ask us about our ambitions and hobbies, I used to say pilot and used to get really puzzled between ambition and hobby because I thought they are same.

When I reached secondary school, I got confused with my ambition and sometime I used to have more than one and sometime none. Sometime time I used to say teacher, sometime doctor, engineer so on and sometime used to say “I don’t have ambition”.

And when I reached high school, my ambition got more twisted. I thought of becoming electric Eng. because I was really interested in working with the electricity but again later I thought if that is not possible what then? So I decided not have a specific ambition because if I didn’t make it up with that, I wouldn’t be able to bear the pain and decided to do whatever I get leaving all to my faith. Sometime I thought of becoming bio teacher because I thought it is easy to teach, sometime chemistry because it is an interesting sub and sometime forest officer because people used to say that the forest officers gets good amount of pay so I took bio with math after 10 but never thought of becoming a doctor or any related to hospital because I don’t like hospital and I still do and pray that I don’t have to face that.

Later I thought I can become at least a JE if I can’t make up to CST and so I dropped bio in 12 but faith betrayed me and I spoiled math. So no JE forget about CST, my math mark will not led me to become even a math teacher and my Phy too got stuck with the math, so irritating. So I think I have to leave everything up to my faith now because I have no other option. Let’s see what is written in my faith.

                                                                        D.K Thulung Rai


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