When I never missed my evening Prayer

I had been doing our school’s evening prayer since I was in grade two in pry school till I finished my high school but my evening prayer was never that interesting like when I was in grade eleven and there is a long story behind this scene. Today I thought of sharing it in my blog. To be true though I did our evening prayer for almost ten years but I never could chant all the prayers which is in the prayer book even by looking at it. I tried many times but failed to catch up all but I could hardly catch up few stanzas which are to be chanted with the slow rhythm and used to chant only that parts of all because I if chant the other parts without proper pronunciations and escaping some words, it’s belief to be a great sins so I thought it’s better not to chant that unknown stanzas. And because of that I always used to feel bore during the prayer hours and tried to ignore it. My almost all friends used to chant thoroughly like the monks in the monastery. Though it’s not to be said but it’s the fact.

But when I was in grade eleven the scene got changed and I always used to wait for the evening prayers and even the morning assembly. These two moments became my best parts of the entire day and it’s all because of an unknown girl. She was junior to me and I used to get chance to see her only during the morning assembly and during the evening prayer. I met her first time in a school bus (PHPA) when we were going to school. At first sight I just saw her but didn't noticed and it was all normal but gradually when I realized myself there was a kind of attraction towards her from my side. But I was good enough to hide my feelings and never thought of telling her may be because I was not ready for the consequences both bad and good. So I always kept her as a girl that I admired and it went quite well but I lost her after a year as she couldn’t make it up from grade ten and she had to leave the Gov. school.

Since there were many students which couldn’t be accommodated at once in the hall for the evening prayer, so the students were divided into two batches grade wise and I was quite lucky because we fell under the same batch. I always used to feel boring and sleepy too but that year’s evening prayer was quite enthusiastic for me as I used to get a moment to glance her. And that was the time when I never used to get bored, forget about feeling sleepy and it was really crazy but I liked that feelings.

One evening one crazy thing happened again, we used to meditate after the prayer for few mins which I never used to do actually because I used to watch her while she was meditating with a certain fear in my mind that what if she suddenly opened her eyes and caught me watching her straight?  As I used to sit straight to her that evening it happened actually when I was looking at her straight and she suddenly opened her eyes but I quickly put my sight on the ground before she could notice me. I’m not sure whether she noticed me or not but I felt like she noticed me and I was thinking what might she thinking about me. I felt so embarrassed for a few sec and could not look up to her thinking that she may be looking at me but that might not have happened actually. I felt just like the protagonist in the story “nothing can change the taste of peanut butter” one of the interesting short story of grade eleven. It was really really crazy. To be cont…

                                                          D.K Thulung Rai


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