My great success in losing my weight

This story is the continuation of my last post of Jan ‘I suddenly became health conscious’. I was really in doubt that my hard work would go in vain but deep inside I was thinking that if I managed to lose even a single pound, I would continue with my daily routine which were a simple diet, light exercise at the evening, morning walk and evening jogging. And after a month hard work it worked actually, when I weighed myself yesterday, I saw that I have lost 17 pounds 64 kg from 72 in a single month and that was a great outcome. I’m very happy with my result and now my mission is to reach 60 within these 15 days, let’s see if I can rally manage that but I believe I can and that determination is important for me. I didn’t adapt any proper diet which is quite expensive these days nor did I join any professional gym session. It all was actually my own way of losing weight with full determination. I had no idea if it would even work as I started with the jogging session lately. At the initial I was only doing with the simple diet for which I started eating quite less than my actual appetite with less amount of oil and salt that’s all.

I believe if you want to do anything and if have the true determination; you can achieve anything in your own way. If you think that you are over healthy and want to lose extra weight than you don’t have to worry much about it, just built a strong determination to achieve that you want and go for it. For losing weight you really don’t have to adapt a proper or an expensive diet that people usually do these days nor do you have to join the professional gym session, working out with heavy loads which will have side effects at the latter old ages. You just eat the normal foods that you cook at your home every day but with control oil and salt because oil is the main reason of gaining weight. We Bhutanese usually tends to have lots of oil in the curry and some people prefer even gravy as oil which is really bad for our good health. You can compromise little with the salt but not with the oil. Try to control eating oily foods even if it’s your favorite and just try to stay attached with your mission that’s to lose weight. Do some light exercise if you can in the morning or evening whenever you prefer, like yoga or can be simply walk. Do some jogging if you are energetic enough, play skips if you can it will help you a lot.

These were the simple tips which I adopted and if you want you can also try out, it really works. In this modern generation staying healthy has become one of the most important parts of our life. We’ve to move with the generation and we can definitely do these. Some have natural slim and tall figure or solid body, they are got gifted and nothing to be proud of. Never become sad or angry when some people calls u as fat thin or short, just asked them what did they really do to become tall and solid? If they really had put some hard works to reached that figure then we can appreciate them but if it’s natural then they don’t have any reason to be proud of I believe. Just have faith in yourself and like the way whatever you are, that will give you the feeling of happiness forever. If your friends are tall and you too desired to become like them than I think it’s not possible and that would contribute to yourself in becoming sad ultimately. So always be happy in your own way and don’t always look at others because we are different, we can’t be them and they can never be us.

                                                                 D.K Thulung Rai


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